Microsoft Introduces New Accessories

Posted on October 1, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Mobile with 15 Comments

Microsoft is today launching a bunch of new accessories, along with the launch of the new Surface Laptop Go and the new Surface Pro X. “If your at-home setup is in need of a refresh this holiday, Microsoft has a few new accessories to outfit your new work or school spaces,” the company wrote.

There is not a lot to look at here, but Microsoft has a new $24.99 wireless Number Pad, as well as a new Designer Compact Keyboard, and a new 4K Wireless Display Adapter.

Here’s a quick breakdown, directly from Microsoft itself:

“Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is a slim, narrow, and elegant keyboard optimized for modern productivity with Bluetooth seamlessly switching between 3 devices, 2-year battery life, two colors options, and is priced at $69.99.”

Microsoft Number Pad is a slim, modern, and elegant number pad with Bluetooth wireless that enables you to get the most out of your Surface or modern PC, priced at $24.99.”

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter offers the easiest way to project your Windows PC on the big screen, supporting 4K resolution and is priced at $69.99.”

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse brings comfortable ergonomic design to premium wireless performance with soft thumb rest, light and durable design, and two customizable buttons.” Available in several colors and priced at $49.99.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse, now available in Sandstone, is lightweight and portable to perfectly complement Surface Laptop Go.”

Microsoft is yet to reveal exactly when and where these new accessories will be available, but they should be available in most markets where Surface is available. Speaking of which, Microsoft is actually bringing Surface products to consumers in eleven new European countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Microsoft Introduces New Accessories”

  1. rmlounsbury

    Finally, Surface has compact wireless keyboards and separate 10-key pads. I'll be picking up the keyboard for sure. My home office desk is too small to accommodate a full size Surface keyboard. I had been hoping Microsoft would eventually launch a compact Surface styled device.

  2. bluvg

    Are they not doing anything with the Arc Touch line anymore?

  3. PhilipVasta

    I like these a lot... but I really do wonder why there is no standalone trackpad. I'm aware that Microsoft supposedly worked with Brydge on the one they just released, but the couple videos I can find on it call into question the latency. Is this an issue on Apple's Magic Trackpad?

  4. proftheory

    Reminds me of the "Magic" keyboard and mouse I bought for my Mac Mini but at a better price. Magic combo ~$200.

  5. crunchyfrog

    Microsoft makes some good accessories. I use the Mobile Mouse now and it's been great for traveling and having Bluetooth has been handy since I don't have to deal with a dongle.

  6. jgraebner

    It's really nice to see the numeric keypad release. I was looking for something like that a while back and I was pretty surprised by how little was available, particularly from name brands.

  7. rbwatson0

    Was there a price on the 'Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse'? Or as I will now call it, the 'M4'.

  8. flying_maverick

    I wish they would release a Track Pad with all the gesture support.

  9. jwpear

    I wish they'd refresh the modern keyboard with fingerprint id and add the ability to support multiple machines. Or likewise, refresh the modern ergo keyboard to add usb charging, fingerprint id, and support for multiple machines. Both are great, high quality keyboards, but they've always felt like they skimped on a few features.


    If the keyboard is as bad as the Surface full sized bluetooth keyboard I don't want one.

  11. nickel

    Would love to see the keyboard and the numpad next to a surface book keyboard, the key layout, spacing and ratio of the keyboard look the same, but is it the same size or is it smaller... if it is the same or close to the same size, and key feel is similar would love to get them... if not the number pad will still be high on my list to get

  12. Daishi

    I could have been interested in the compact keyboard, but Home and End imbedded in F-Keys is a deal breaker.

  13. Sihaz

    I wonder if the number pad will actually send the numeric pad key signal - all the usb ones i have just mimic the top row of numbers which means they don't do the functions i need in the audio software i use...

  14. rkpatrick

    I'm waiting on a new ergo keyboard. I still use the Sculpt, minus the keypad, and would like to see if they can do better (it's my favorite all-time keyboard)

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