AMD’s Datacenter Revenues More Than Doubled in Quarter

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile with 5 Comments

AMD announced that it earned a net income of $555 million on revenues of $3.4 billion in the quarter ending March 31. Those figures represent year-over-year (YOY) growth of 243 percent and 93 percent, respectively.

“Our business continued to accelerate in the first quarter driven by the best product portfolio in our history, strong execution, and robust market demand,” AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su said. “We had outstanding year-over-year revenue growth across all of our businesses and data center revenue more than doubled. Our increased full-year guidance highlights the strong growth we expect across our business based on increasing adoption of our high-performance computing products and expanding customer relationships.”

AMD saw revenue growth in both of its major business units. Computing and Graphics delivered $2.1 billion in revenues, up 46 percent YOY, while Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom delivered another $1.35 billion, up 286 percent YOY. “The year-over-year increase [in the latter business unit] was driven by higher semi-custom product sales and EPYC processor revenue,” AMD said. “The quarter-over-quarter increase was driven by higher EPYC processor sales partially offset by lower semi-custom product sales.”

In the PC space, AMD says it is on track to deliver 50 percent more Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile Processors and Ryzen PRO 5000 Series Mobile Processors than with the previous generation, with PC makers such as Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo, and others embracing the new chipsets.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “AMD’s Datacenter Revenues More Than Doubled in Quarter”

  1. bluvg

    EPYC posting epic numbers. Seems to correlate to Intel's corresponding drop in that space.

  2. bluvg

    In reply to lvthunder:

    Intel's "datacenter business saw revenues fall from $6.99 billion last year to $5.56 billion." They don't break out custom vs. EPYC unfortunately, but they do say EPYC was up and custom was down vs. last quarter.

  3. winner

    Good to see AMD making inroads given their superior offerings.

  4. Stokkolm

    Very interesting when you also think about how Intel's Datacenter earnings were down significantly. AMD is not messing around.