Intel Exec Leaks Thunderbolt 5

Posted on August 2, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile with 7 Comments

An Intel executive visiting the firm’s Israel-based facilities posted a photo that inadvertently leaked some details about Thunderbolt 5.

“Day 1 with the Intel Israel team in the books,” Intel executive vice president Gregory M Bryant tweeted. “Great views … Incredible [opportunity] to see Thunderbolt innovation … A validation lab tour and time with the team … Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.”

One of the photos he tweeted but subsequently deleted details Thunderbolt 5, which will apparently offer 80 Gbps of data transfer speed, double that available with Thunderbolt 4. As Anandtech explains, the poster in the photo describes “80 PHY Technology,” which stands for a “physical layer” of 80 Gbps. The poster also confirms that Thunderbolt 5 will continue to use a standard USB-C connector.

Anandtech also gets into some geekiness about another phrase mentioned in the poster, which notes that “The PHY will be based on novel PAM-3 modulation technology.” “This is talking about how the 0 and 1s are transmitted,” the site explains. Basically, it’s twice as fast as the previous standard.

No word on timing or availability, of course. And how or if this will impact USB5.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Intel Exec Leaks Thunderbolt 5”

  1. crunchyfrog

    Suspicious looking whoopsie there. The board looks like the focal point for this picture since it's the only item truly in focus.

  2. karlinhigh

    Surely there has to be a cute neologism for "leaked on purpose to generate buzz?"

  3. will

    I think the statement in the third paragraph should be "The poster confirms that Thunderbolt 5 will continue to use a standard USB-C connector."

    I am glad to see them using the same connectors hopefully, there is a physical marker that will identify TB5 ports and cables. This is a huge gain and maybe dual 8K or dual 4k 120?

  4. ebraiter

    Outside of the leak, it is not really surprising they are working on TB 5 if TB 4 is already released.

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