Luna Display Adds Support for 5K Displays, PC-to-Mac Mode, More

Posted on December 1, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, iPadOS, Mac and macOS, Windows, Windows 10, Windows 11 with 2 Comments

In October, Astropad released Luna Display 5.0, which lets Mac and Windows users use an iPad as a secondary display. Today, the first announced a major upgrade to this very useful product, adding several new features.

“You asked… and we listened,” Astropad’s Savannah Reising writes. “We’re ending the year with a BANG and bringing to life some of the top feature requests from our users.”

Here’s what’s new.

4K and 5K support. Now, you can use a PC or Mac with a 4K or 5K display as a second display at full resolution. Luna Display now supports 5K at 30 Hz on PC, 5K at 45 Hz on Mac (Big Sur), and 4K at 60 Hz on Mac and PC.

PC-to-Mac mode. Now, PC users can use any Mac as a wireless second display. (Ethernet is recommended.)

Magic Keyboard support. Now, you can use an Apple Magic Keyboard and trackpad with your iPad while using Luna Display, with both Mac and PC.

Teleprompter mode for PC. Now, you can pair Luna Display with a beam splitter to give direct eye contact during video calls, Astropad says. “Teleprompter Mode automatically flips your display image, so that your beam splitter reflects the correct image orientation. It’s perfect for professional meetings, online teaching, or interviews.”

Office mode for PC. This feature is designed for users who work in an environment where there are multiple people using Luna. With Office mode enabled, Luna will no longer automatically connect to the first computer it finds on the network. Instead, you can connect via Wi-Fi Manual Connect or USB cable.

To get this update, you must update Luna Display on the primary and second devices.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Luna Display Adds Support for 5K Displays, PC-to-Mac Mode, More”

  1. digiguy

    I have Luna (USB C and HDMI) dongles and updated to check. Magic keyboard support has not really improved other than now you have a desktop cursor instead of the iPad one...

    You still can't use the cursor on the other display from the magic keyboard (which probably will never happen because of iPadOS limitations), so you still need a proper mouse...

    PC to Mac is nice, but Mac to PC is not offered (i.e. your Mac is the screen, but your Windows device cannot be a screen for your Mac or of another PC), which is a shame since Windows devices can be much better as "displays" because they can be tablets, have touch etc. Sure it's nice if you have an iMac but other than that...

  2. michael_babiuk

    I have been using Luna Display since it was announced as a Kickstarter project “back in the Day”. Bought two of them since I received an early bird discount.

    Both software and dongle firmware have been updated to the current levels.

    As you might surmise from my “Kickstarter” reference, I am primarily in the Apple ecosystem. Having stated that, I have been running my Parallels Desktop virtual Windows 11 machine thru my Intel MacBook Air (augmented by a Blackmagic eGPU) and displayed on my 12.9” iPad Pro display screen for quite sometime. Works great and the iPad display fully supports a Window’s touchscreen UI elements.

    But to be honest, I really don’t utilize those Window’s touchscreen elements that much. A traditional mouse works better for me than using “gorilla arms” on a secondary external display monitor.

    However, having said that, when I remove my iPad Pro from its Magic Keyboard and work with Window’s apps on that iPad Pro - perhaps 10 to 15 feet away from my MacBook Air, a touchscreen does come in handy. But that is a rare occurrence.