PC Sales Fell 6 Percent in Q1 2022

Posted on April 20, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface, Mac and macOS, Windows, Windows 10, Windows 11 with 12 Comments

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The great COVID PC sales boom might finally be winding down: hardware makers sold 79.2 million PCs in Q1 2022, down 6 percent from the 84.15 million they sold in the year-ago quarter.

As always, all of the numbers presented here are an average of the estimates provided by the market researchers at Gartner and IDC.

According to Gartner, a sharp drop in Chromebook sales significantly contributed to the overall market decline. (Gartner says that PC sales actually grew 3.9 percent YOY if you ignore Chromebooks.)

“After an unprecedented Chromebook surge in 2020 and early 2021, driven by demand from the U.S. educational market, Chromebook growth has tempered,” Gartner research director Mikako Kitagawa says. “It was a challenging quarter for the PC and Chromebook market to achieve growth, as this time last year the PC market registered its highest growth in decades.”

IDC blamed a near-record year-over-year PC sales comparable.

“We have witnessed some slowdown in both the education and consumer markets, but all indicators show demand for commercial PCs remains very strong,” IDC group vice president Ryan Reith added. “We also believe that the consumer market will pick up again in the near future. The result of 1Q22 was PC shipment volumes that were near record levels for a first quarter.”

Whatever the reason, the top five PC makers remain unchanged. Lenovo was once again the world’s biggest maker of PCs, with 18.45 million units sold, down about 10 percent YOY, and with 23.3 percent marketshare. HP was again number two, with 15.85 million units sold, down about 17.8 percent (20 percent marketshare). Gartner says that sales for each fell in the quarter largely because of Chromebooks.

And Dell was number three with 13.75 million units sold, up 6.1 percent (17.4 percent). Apple (7.1 million, up 6.45 percent, 9 percent marketshare) and ASUS (5.5 million, up 19 percent, 7 percent marketshare) were in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “PC Sales Fell 6 Percent in Q1 2022”

  1. Donte

    I talked to a guy on our desktop team yesterday. He had 30 "Covid" Lenovo laptops on a cart in his office that he was going to re-image and make loaners. All were bought in April of 2020 for work from home and those people are back in the office.

    No need for us to buy loner laptops for a while.

    • anoldamigauser

      I am wondering what is going to happen with regard to the desktop computers that were largely sitting idle in offices for two years. Are they going to be replaced on a normal schedule, or will they have their useful service life extended? Will the "COVID" laptops purchased for remote work be repurposed to replace desktops?

      • Donte

        In my company those loaner laptops, were setup with VPN and RDP for those that did not have a computer to use at home. They remoted into their desktops. We had about 20 loaner laptops for this purpose before the event, we went to Micro Center in April of 2020 and bought 30 one day to use for the work at home.

        We started coming back in the fall of 2020, shifts and such so that not everyone was in at the same time. By the summer of 2021 we were 90% back.

  2. JH_Radio

    I'm guessing Microsoft doesn't sell very many PCs?

    Does it count for say MSI, since MSI is the one that makes laptops and custom vendors build it how you want?

    How do venders like SimplyNUC (who sells snuckbooks_, Dynabooks, AvaDirect, etc fit into this?

  3. John Craig

    Hardware sales down and subscribers cancelling home entertainment packages...yup, goodbye Covid, hello (pick your poison):

    A) financial recession/depression

    B) covid 2022

    C) world war 3

    I miss 2019

  4. sjgibb99

    Supply constraints still seem to be an issue at times in the UK, so I wonder how much that is suppressing things off the back of the chip shortages. We prefer to buy HP for our company, but the models we need will be in stock for a short period then disappear for a month or longer. It's a real pain.

  5. Brian Hodges

    PC makers better get used to it. Home users aren't going to upgrade their PC hardware to run Windows 11 when they can do almost everything they want through the phone in their hand.

  6. ebraiter

    I guess it could be showing that the education market is learning that Chromebricks aren't worth the hassle to use.

  7. matsan

    Just cancelled our order for two MBP 14" with M1 Pro/32GB/512SSD that was made mid-February and now got pushed to June 16. Seems like it's hard getting the base-configs as well these days. Trying to get an iMac to a new hire but it's only base 8GB RAM configurations that are available. Going 16GB and you are back in June for delivery.

    With WWDC around the corner and potentially new M2s in fall, I guess we'll have to hope that the Intel-based MBPs we are using will keep it together for another 6 months or so.