Xbox Streaming, Edge and Candy Crush Shown Running on HoloLens

Posted on December 2, 2015 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 1 Comment

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Starting next year, Microsoft will release its first developer kits to third-parties who are willing to pay for the devices. The goal is to build out an ecosystem of applications that highlight how the new device can be integrated into your workflow, primarly for the corporate markets.

But, that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t also gearing up to show how HoloLens can be fun for the consumer too. Employees who have the devices at home have started to share how the device can run Universal apps and the experience that it provides.

Posted up on YouTube are various clips including using Edge to watch a movie via Netflix, playing Candy Crush and even streaming Halo 5 from the Xbox One. The first person video, which was recorded on the device itself, gives you a firsthand look at what the user sees through the device.

I will warn you that these videos are not perfect representation of what you will see as they don’t show the limited field of view, primarily with noticeably narrow peripheral view. But, you can begin to see how someone might use HoloLens in their own home and the interface for running multiple Universal apps.

Microsoft has big ambitions for Hololens and while the device is far from perfect, it truly is a big leap in personal computing. As the company builds out more Universal apps and works to expand the field of view, Hololens sets up the possibility for a truly new experience for interacting with games and the web in your own home.

With Microsoft betting big on Hololens, I will be curious to see how the consumer reacts to this type of a device. While computers have become commonplace in the household, Hololens offers up a completely different experience. If Microsoft can convince the world to start wearing a computer on its head instead of using a mouse and keyboard, they may truly be able to revolutionize what computing is, much like how Gates was able to bring a desktop PC to every home.

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