Microsoft Store is Offering Great Deals on Band 2, Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One

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Microsoft Store is Offering Great Deals on Band 2, Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One

I’m not sure why it’s doing so now, but in a bid to perhaps stave off the sales doldrums of winter, the Microsoft Store online is offering great savings on some of Microsoft’s first-party devices, including Band 2, Surface Pro 4, and Xbox One.

(OK, the official excuse is President’s Day, which is among the most half-hearted of American holidays.)

Note: All of these offers are from the Microsoft Store online. They may be U.S.-only or perhaps U.S./Canada only. –Paul

Here are the savings.

Band 2

With a $50 off promotion, Microsoft is pricing the Band 2 at its lowest-ever level, matching the $200 price it set temporarily during the 2015 holiday selling season.

As a reminder, I purchased a Band 2 for my wife during that last sale; it’s a great price. This is my preferred wearable, and it works well with all smart phone platforms, not just Windows phones. See my review for a complete write-up.

Or, just buy it now: You can purchase Microsoft Band 2 for $200—that’s $50 off—for “a limited time” at the Microsoft Store online. What’s a limited time? “From February 7, 2016 until February 20, 2016, while supplies last,” Microsoft says.

Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Store online is offering $100 off “select” Surface Pro 4 models, which means “all Surface Pro 4 models except that ones that come with 1 TB of SSD storage.”

Here’s how the temporary pricing breaks down:

Intel Core m3, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD: $799
Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD: $899
Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD: $1199
Intel Core i7, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD: $1499
Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD: $1699

That middle model (Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD) is the sweet spot in my opinion, and the model I reviewed. “Surface Pro 4 comes highly recommended,” I wrote at the time. “This is a magical, nearly perfect device.”

This offer is valid through February 27, 2016, or while supplies last.

Note that you can also get another $30 off if you buy Surface Pro 4 with a Surface Dock, or save up to $239 if you buy a Surface Pro 4 bundle. See the Microsoft Store online for details.

Note: Remember that Surface 3 is also $100 off right now.

Xbox One

For Xbox One, the Microsoft Store online is offering a free game plus a $75 gift code for the Microsoft Store. As you might imagine, there are some caveats, but this is a great deal no matter how you slice it.

For the free game, you have a choice of just three: “Watch Dogs,” “Assassins Creed: Unity,” or “The Crew.”

The Microsoft Store gift code is for, literally, the Microsoft Store, meaning the Microsoft Store online, so you can use it to buy Xbox games (in disc-based form), Xbox peripherals, or anything else (PCs, accessories, software) that Microsoft sells. It is not for Microsoft’s digital stores like Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, or the Xbox Store.

This offer is available on “select” Xbox One bundles, but it’s a good list, so check out the Microsoft Store site for details. Because Microsoft isn’t offering money off of the console itself, Xbox prices haven’t changed. So the entry level Name Your Game bundle is still $349, and so on. (The most expensive bundle is $499.)

Frankly, I’d rather get $75 off the price of a bundle, and had Microsoft done so I would have grabbed another Xbox One for the living room. But this is still a great value: It’s basically $135 in savings, and the bundles were all great deals to begin with, with their own built-in savings on games and/or storage.


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