First NexDock Shipment is Heading to Customers

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First NexDock Shipment is Heading to Customers

About a month and a half after a freak factory fire destroyed its first shipment, NexDock has emailed customers to alert them that the first orders are now shipping.

“The first batch of NexDocks are ready and we will ship them this week – a week earlier than anticipated,” an email I received yesterday from NexDock reads. “Please note that the NexDocks will be shipped in the order the contributions were received … if you are among the first 700-800 backers, you should expect to receive an email with your tracking number later this week.”

I’ve heard from a few such customers, and the email they received simply reads as, “Thank you for being one of our backers. We are happy to inform you that your NexDock has been shipped.”


So that’s great news, and I’m eager to see how the NexDock devices are received by customers.

As you may recall, I had my first hands-on experience with NexDock during Build 2016 in San Francisco in early April, and I came away impressed with the solution, which resembles a plastic MacBook Air and basically turns any Continuum-capable Windows phone into a portable PC. But of course, it’s much more powerful than that: NexDock can also be paired with any mini-PC, including the Raspberry Pi 2/3, any Windows “stick” PC, or even a Kangaroo PC. In fact, according to the firm, the product’s biggest interest has come from Raspberry Pi users.

Excited by this interesting device, I backed it on Indeegogo and was happy to see it met its funding goals just a few days later. (But since I waited so long, I’m not among the first to get the device.)

NexDock originally planned to start shipping its product to customers in late June, but a suspicious factory fire delayed that shipment. At the time, NexDock said it could take three months to get caught back up, but in late July, the firm had good news: The first shipments were now expected by mid-August.

“Our ODM will be able to expedite 900 NexDocks, which are now expected to be shipped by mid-August,” the firm noted at the time. “The rest of the units are still due to be shipped at the end of August as we previously reported.”

Well, now the schedule has been adjusted yet again and the first NexDocks are on the way out the door.

“The second batch [of customers] should expect their shipments latest by the week of Aug 22,” the firm now says. “The last batch will be ready before August 31. We will continue to provide shipping updates for all batches.”


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