Microsoft Starts To Hit Back At The iPad Pro With New Surface Commercial

Posted on August 16, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 0 Comments

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Back when Microsoft loved its Windows phones, they released commercials that showed how Cortana was better than Siri. While those commercials are no longer being shown on TV, the company is taking that same style to promote its Surface line of tablets against the iPad Pro.

The company has released a new video on YouTube, and seeing as it is exactly thirty seconds long, suggests that this spot will make its way to the cable networks. The title of the video is “What’s a computer, just ask Cortana” which is also a dig at Apple, as the commercial makes it clear the Redmond based company does not believe the iPad Pro is a computer.

The commercial pokes fun at the fact how the iPad Pro now has a keyboard while the Surface Pro 4 is significantly more powerful with an i7 CPU. Considering that the larger iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 run in about the same price points when each are given the same storage capacity, the commercial makes a lot of sense for Microsoft and I honestly wonder why it took them so long to release this video.

While the iPad Pro does have its fans, most agree that the device is overpriced and falls short of what Microsoft’s Pro line of tablets offer. I’ll be curious to see if this commercial is the first of several the company is releasing or if this is a one-time thing.

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