Microsoft Band 3 Prototype Finds Its Way To the Web

Posted on October 12, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 45 Comments


Well this is certainly bittersweet, a Band 3 prototype has surfaced and it shows what could have been if Microsoft hadn’t canceled the project. The device, which you can see in the images above and below show off new features but unfortunately, this device is unlikely to ever be released by the company.

This Band 3 prototype is said to be waterproof, feature an EKG sensor that could monitor blood pressure and also had an RFID chip inside as well.  On the software side, there is a swim tile that could track laps in a pool and you can see another beta tile that appears to be related to the blood pressure and heart rate sensors.

In the image with the tiles, there’s what looks like a small camera lens but this is likely the light sensor that is currently in the Band 2. I can’t imagine why Microsoft would put a camera in something like this and seeing as the Band 2 has the same sensor in the same spot, it’s safe to assume that this is not a new feature.


The real question is why did Microsoft sideline this project. I asked around and haven’t gotten any definitive answers but have heard whispers of the quality of the actual band of the device was an issue and that this device doesn’t fit into the company’s overall mission was also questioned as well. Don’t get me wrong, the Band was a great fitness device but it was also a bit of an outlier for the company as it didn’t run Windows 10 nor did it align with the company’s overall mission; further, hardware typically has low margins which may have been another contributing factor.

These images were posted over at Windows Central and unless the leaker decides to post more images or let someone get their hands on the device, this may be the best look we get of the Band 3.

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