Samsung’s Chromebook Pro Nudges Deeper Into Windows Territory

Posted on October 15, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 64 Comments


Typically, when you think of a Chromebook, it’s an entry level device with low-end specs. While there have been higher end models like the Pixel (no, not that one), generally the devices are entry-level products with a price point to match the specs.

Samsung, in the very near future, is going to be releasing a device it calls the Chromebook Pro and its specs, while not top notch, are no slouch either. The device is looking to be an all metal laptop that’s only .55 inches thick, has a 360-degree rotating screen running at 2400×1600, 2GHz ARM processor, 32GB of storage (microSD card slot to expand storage) battery life of up to 10 hours at a price of $499. Obviously, the weak point in this setup is the CPU but even ARM processors these days are adequate for basic tasks.

One unique thing about this Chromebook is that it has a pen docked inside the device that allows you to draw on the screen in a way similar to the Surface. That being said, Surface devices still have a higher quality screen and better pen input mechanics but in a pinch, this new Chromebook could fill the void for a low-cost drawing tablet.

This new device, which will go up for pre-order soon, was spotted by Chromeunboxed who was able to dig up the specs and the images of this new laptop.

chromebook-hero-2When you couple the fact that Chromebooks are slowly creeping up in specs while keeping low-ish price points and that Android app support on the desktop is becoming a reality, these devices do become a viable option for those who need a simple computer for accomplishing basic tasks.

I know some will instantly assume that I am insinuating that Windows is doomed and that Chromebooks are the future; not in the slightest. A Windows machine at this same price point would likely have better performance but battery life and other specs would be about the same. What’s interesting to watch is how Windows has a new competitor and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Will Chromebooks ever completely take over the Windows market? No, that won’t happen, but for the simple user who wants a machine for email, Facebook and a few other light use cases, Chromebooks are a viable option and this should be a concern for not only Microsoft but also Intel.

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