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Posted on October 26, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 33 Comments


Today in NYC, Microsoft unveiled their latest Surface device, the Surface Studio. The AIO PC that starts at $2999 is not cheap but it also packs in a lot of features too; Make sure to check out Paul’s upcoming preview post for every detail about the device.

I did get my hands on the new dial and Studio and will say, much like all of the other products in this family, they are made of high-quality materials. The hinge, which like the Surface Book is the main part of the device that you never think of but is critically important, feels confident and it is quite easy to raise and lower the display.

While not as high-profile as the Studio, the dial is also a quality peripheral that compliments the AIO PC quite well. By pushing the device down, it functions as a button and brings up the on-screen dial and by spinning it, you get the forward and backwards scrolling/progression. It has a good feel to it but is a bit on the lighter side, was expecting it to be heavier in my hand.

Overall, the Studio appears to be a well-made machine and should hold up well to heavy use. Of course, time will tell the true story about the durability of this device but the initial impressions are that Microsoft has built something unique that should stand out in a crowd.

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39 responses to “Hands On: Surface Studio”

  1. 308

    Seems odd such a premiumum forward thinking device didn't include any USB-C ports.

  2. 459

    I was just starting to look for a replacement for my aging DELL XPS desktop. I think I've found it!

    • 412

      In reply to dallasnorth40:

      Same here...I'm trying to downsize my "computer room" and this ONE CABLE solution is so attractive...I'm also cutting back to one NAS and the rest on Amazon Cloud. Of course, wife wants hardwood floors before I pay this kind of money on a PC...LOL

  3. 2371

    "It has a good feel to it but is a bit on the lighter side, was expecting it to be heavier in my hand."  I would guess since you are placing the Dial on the expensive display, you will not want to have it be heavy.  I mean, what if you drop it on the screen by accident.  You don't want that to cost you a few hundred dollars in repairs.

  4. 131

    Strange to see Google Chrome installed.  I wonder if someone did it to troll MS.

  5. 7314

    It would have been nice to place the ports on the front, but with the monitor in the down position, it would have been extremely inconvenient to raise up the monitor every time you wanted to plug or unplug your usb thumb drive etc. And with the way the monitor arms work, the side would have been a big no-go. 


    The rear was the only way for them to go, aside from putting the ports on the top with maybe a cover??

  6. 2481

    I am in love.  But cant see paying that price.

    They need to make a non graphics artist version that is sub 2K price tag and im sold.

    I hope but doubt the other PC makers will copy this quickly. Hope this sells......

  7. 2354

    Those bezels are alarmingly thick.  Other than the webcam at the top, I can't understand why they're so damn large.

  8. 5781

    Unfortunately it is not for everyone.... 3000$ too expensive. But I can understand that is to a specific amount of people with specific needs.....

  9. 6991

    Clearly an iMac killer, but where is the Intel RealSense camera?  That's a glaring omission considering the price point and 3D capabilities they're marketing.

    • 6242

      In reply to waverunning.geek:

      The camera is fully Windows Hello compatible (RealSense). When you take time to think about legal offices, doctors, or any profession doing heavy graphics or document work the Studio will own it all within time. How could you consider and iMac in the face of the Surface Studio - just wouldn't make sense for the $ difference. Pay a bit more and just be way more productive. I think the Studio has made iMacs look old and dated now.

  10. 214

    Hmmm. I was right about the keyboard and mouse when it leaked a while back - they were the accoutrements to the AIO, not stand-alone products.

    But to echo another commenter - no USB C? Really? Doesn't seem right.

  11. 6242

    Wow. They did it again! MS just killed Watcom Cintiq and iMac's in one fell swoop. We need this monitor as a standalone. I would totally buy a Studio with two of these monitors in a  heart beat.



    • 5486

      In reply to VancouverNinja:

      Do you honestly expect designers and professionals who've probably been using Mac's all their working lives to suddenly switch to a Windows 10 PC just because MS make it to look exactly like a Mac? Despite all the flash packaging, that's all the Studio really is - a Mac clone running Windows. I think you need to take a deep breath and reconsider.

      • 5592

        In reply to ghostrider:

        Well, if you ignore the entire form factor and the touch screen and the rotational input device and the pen input and only look at it as an All-in-One desktop you MIGHT be able to say it's an iMac clone.

        You know, in the same way that a professional artist's studio is the same as a kid with a crayon.


  12. 5818

    Am I the only person who is sitting here asking why both the Surface book and Surface AIO are using last years GPU technology?  nVidia launched the 10 series and it's shipping at higher performance and lower power than the 9 series that's being used in the new surface book and new surface studio.   If I was Microsoft and making a huge deal about the customer demand for graphics power, I'd make dang sure that I'm not outclassed by every other high end offering in the market in that area, especially considering the price premium i'm charging for the surface name/engineering.    

    • 6993

      In reply to Mike_Peluso:

      My guess is two fold. On the one hand they were bitten by jumping onto the SkyLake wagon too soon, so they'll probably not do that again and will opt for tried and tested tech. On the other, these products had to go into production some time ago, so its possible the new stuff simply wasn't ready during the design and validation phases.

    • 6242

      In reply to Mike_Peluso:

      I don't think it is as simple as that. There are clearly reasons for their choices; but at the end of the day there is simply nothing that comes close to their overall capabilities. Both products win hands down in their respective categories. I am picking up the new Surface Book (order is already in for the 512k version). For me I want, and need, 16 hours of battery life - the system is the best portable I have ever owned and that extra battery life is everything to me. I personally don't take my system to the edge and the processor/graphics is more than enough for me.

  13. 473

    I don't know why Microsoft didn't call it an iMac II and be done with it!

    Even the mouse looks like an Apple rip off.

    Lost the plot!

    • 5193

      In reply to Siv:
      When did the iMac develope cintique like touch abilities? I assume you are a sad case pushing out clickbate, there is only one person here who has lost the plot. Pathetic.


    • 442

      In reply to Siv:

      While it matches nothing Apple has ever made, there are some slight nuances about the device that seem somewhat Apple-like in their design.  Old school Apple, more than anything.

    • 5027

      In reply to Siv:

      Because it is nothing like an iMac?  The mouse look nothing like a Apple rip off, if you said the keyboard I might have agreed but the mouse look nothing like any Apple mouse.

      If you look at what Apple is doing to the MacBook Pro, there you see a company that lost the plot completely..  removing all function keys and the Escape button??  and replacing one of the best keyboards on any laptop with the crappy one most people hate from the MacBook?  Talk about loosing the plot.  Sure you dont use function keys as much on a Mac, like you would on a Windows PC, but the Escape button?  If you work in Photoshop, AutoCad among other things you most likely do.. a lot.  And what do you get, a touch screen stip that is absolutely pointless.  I'm looking forward to see how Apple tries to defend that crap. 

      If Apple wants to stop making MacBook Pro's just do that, why destroy one of the few decent laptops you still have before doing it. 

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