Hands On: Surface Studio

Posted on October 26, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 33 Comments


Today in NYC, Microsoft unveiled their latest Surface device, the Surface Studio. The AIO PC that starts at $2999 is not cheap but it also packs in a lot of features too; Make sure to check out Paul’s upcoming preview post for every detail about the device.

I did get my hands on the new dial and Studio and will say, much like all of the other products in this family, they are made of high-quality materials. The hinge, which like the Surface Book is the main part of the device that you never think of but is critically important, feels confident and it is quite easy to raise and lower the display.

While not as high-profile as the Studio, the dial is also a quality peripheral that compliments the AIO PC quite well. By pushing the device down, it functions as a button and brings up the on-screen dial and by spinning it, you get the forward and backwards scrolling/progression. It has a good feel to it but is a bit on the lighter side, was expecting it to be heavier in my hand.

Overall, the Studio appears to be a well-made machine and should hold up well to heavy use. Of course, time will tell the true story about the durability of this device but the initial impressions are that Microsoft has built something unique that should stand out in a crowd.

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