Microsoft’s Precision Mouse Now Available in a Sleek New Black Variant

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft with 9 Comments

Along with the Surface Book 2, Microsoft launched a new Precision Mouse. The company’s Surface Book 2 was aimed towards professionals, including gamers, but the regular Surface Mouse didn’t do the job for that. Microsoft had to release something that would work well with gamers and other professionals, and that’s exactly what the Precision Mouse was for.

The company has now released a sleek new black variant of the Precision Mouse. For those who aren’t a huge fan of the silver colorway, you can now get it in the black version for the same price, as first reported by Windows Central. Of course, we still can’t get Surface devices in the same black color, so that’s something we will still have to continue waiting for.

Functionality wise, the Precision Mouse is more than just a regular mouse. It hs 3 configurable buttons that you can customize to trigger certain actions within Windows, and it also lets you switch between multiple computers at the same time, letting you multitask quite easily. Theis mouse is much like Logitech’s MX Master, which I have long been a fan of.

If you are interested, you can get the black Precision Mouse here, and the silver one here.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft’s Precision Mouse Now Available in a Sleek New Black Variant”

  1. wright_is

    I got a good discount on the MX Master 2, when I was looking for a new mouse. The Precision Mouse looked interesting and after having used the Designer and Arc mice, I was tempted, but the MX Master 2 undercut it and offered more features. C'est la vie.

  2. wunderbar

    I'd love to see them put this mouse out in colours like the surface products. I picked up the new surface mobile mouse in burgundy and I love the colour.

    Also, USB-C charging. It's 2018. No more Micro-USB.

    • red.radar

      In reply to wunderbar:

      ...its a mouse... you don't need the power delievery capability that usb-c was designed for. Nor do you need the bandwidth.

      Micro-USB is better in this application. its cheaper and proven for all the insertion cycles.

      I don't see the point of adding expense to the product to only have to buy a more expensive cable to charge the device.

      Also I don't want to take up a precious high bandwidth port on my computer to connect a mouse... Which brings up another point... if you are going to connect the other side to USB -A... who cares?

  3. will

    Surprised they did not release a black version of the keyboard as well

  4. navarac

    Need a leftie version.

  5. alfredjohnson

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  6. tyreecewilley

    This Precision Mouse looks really amazing. I would love to buy it sooner.