Microsoft Edge Tests Improved Favorites Management, Breaking News Alerts on IOS

Posted on August 16, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 4 Comments

Microsoft Edge Preview is Updated on iPhone

Microsoft is testing a fairly major new update for Edge on iOS. The company recently rolled out a new beta update for the browser via TestFlight, letting a small portion of users access the new features before everyone else.

The update introduces a bunch of new features, including the ability to create and re-order Favorites folders. For those who want to be a little more organized, this feature will come in handy. An interesting addition coming with the latest update is the ability to receive breaking news alerts — this is simply an expansion of the news feed users get to see on Edge’s New Tab page, though Edge is probably the first browser to include such a feature. People already use news apps, RSS apps, and social media apps to get their news every day, and so getting breaking news alerts from a browser seems a little odd.

There are a number of other features included in the update — Edge now lets users add a work account as well as a personal account to the browser, letting them switch between the different profiles on the fly, reports OnMSFT. It’s also now able to display book annotations to users, and there are some performance-related improvements included, as well as minor UI improvements to the settings page for better discoverability.

All of this is being beta tested with users who have access to the beta via TestFlight, though it shouldn’t take too long to arrive for everyone else.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Edge Tests Improved Favorites Management, Breaking News Alerts on IOS”

  1. slartybartmark

    Same features arrived on Android as part of the Edge beta program. I declined the breaking news updates, but noticed that tapping a news article from the ones listed as you scroll down on the home page of Edge recommends opening in the Microsoft News app and asks you to choose between opening in the browser or the MS News app.

  2. chrisrut

    I'm still pondering "why" MS is expending so much effort getting Edge up to snuff on non-windows platforms. I wonder if it's:

    a: Because they're idiots;

    b. Because they have something planned for Edge other browsers don't/can't deliver?

    ( Like what...? Deep integration with the other office apps and O365? Being a virtual desktop?)

    c: Something else entirely (keeping the browser group employed… :-)

    Curious as to what others think.

  3. Awhispersecho

    They don't even have good way to manage favorites in Edge on the PC yet and they're going to make it better on IOS 1st? As a software company they should be embarrassed at how awful/non existent bookmark management in Edge is. Yes I know about "Edge manager" and it's great for organizing things until it completely deletes the bookmarks you just organized. Regardless, the fact that a 3rd party piece of software is needed to even attempt this is yet another reason they should be embarrassed.

    You can attempt to do it within the bookmark menu which I have done, for hours before. But after dragging and dropping things in the bookmarks menu which is nearly impossible, the bookmarks end up not only syncing the desired changes you made with another device but then they also sync the disaster that was previously on the other device and leave you with duplicates of everything and having to start all over.

    It's almost as bad as how Windows update will download the update, fail to install and then re-download all the update files again. It does this over and over and if it fails to install each time you can eventually run out of HD space on a tablet or mini PC because Windows has now downloaded and kept 4 or 5 copies of the update download files.

    MS needs to get their sh## together on their own platform before the worry about making managing bookmarks better for iPhone users.

  4. roastedwookie

    Still junk.

    Their marketshare is a joke, proof enough that very few give a damn about it