Microsoft’s Now Sells a Mid-Range Variant of the Surface Go

Posted on November 7, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 25 Comments

Microsoft’s Surface Go is the company’s most affordable Surface to date. That is, of course, considering you don’t want the Type Cover. So far, though, the entry-level version of the device that comes at $399 only came with 64GB eMMC storage.

The other variant, coming in at $549, packed 128GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM. There was another variant of the Surface Go that you probably didn’t hear of, however. Costco was selling a “special” configuration of the Surface Go with 128GB SSD storage and 4GB RAM for $549. The device was only available at Costco to date.

And now, Microsoft has started selling that special configuration officially through the Microsoft Store. Coming in at $499, the device sits right between the entry-level $399 model and the $549 model. For $499, you are getting 128GB of storage, and 4GB RAM. Although that’s $50 cheaper than the variant was at Costco, the 4GB RAM is still a letdown.

The new variant is currently out of stock, though — so keep your eyes wide open if you wanna grab it down the road once it eventually comes back in stock.

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Comments (25)

25 responses to “Microsoft’s Now Sells a Mid-Range Variant of the Surface Go”

  1. HellcatM

    So for $549 you can get a 128GB SSD with 8GB of ram, but at Costco you get the same configuration but with 4GB of RAM for the same price? Do you get anything special with it that makes it worth it? Then the special Microsoft Store version seems like the same as the Costco version. Or am I missing something here?

  2. remc86007

    I would definitely pay $50 to go from 4GB to 8GB.

  3. Pbike908

    They should rename this product Surface No Go -- I'd love to know how many of these they've actually sold in any configuration...

    This thing is a turd...No matter how you dress it up!

    • ErichK

      In reply to Pbike908:

      If I was in the market for a laptop/hybrid at the moment, I would definitely consider the 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD version of the Surface Go, but since there are a lot of other options out there, I wouldn't hesitate to look elsewhere as well.

    • roastedwookie

      In reply to Pbike908:

      You won't find out soon...they don't have the guts to admit it barely sold.

    • bleeman

      In reply to Pbike908:

      I have no clue how many have sold either except for the one I bought ;-) However, I've been to the Microsoft store here in the DFW area about 10 times since the GO was released either attending one of their classes, buying something, or getting tech help. In each instance I have seen at least 1 person leaving with a GO. On my most recent visit there were 3 people checking out with GO's. Not sure what configuration, or what they are going to use them for, but they seem to be selling at this store.

  4. glenn8878

    A cheap laptop is the better deal. Costco sells them too.

  5. JH_Radio

    For someone like my dad, who only uses this thing for  web browsing, accessing his bank, and email, 4 GB of ram is  plenty for his needs. I do think that 128GB storage will be good though, as those updates can take up more and more room over time. Right  now, he's rocking a first gen Surface Pro (the 64GB model) with 4 GB ram and its still  plenty fast enough for him with the Third Gen i5 processor.  It started its life with Windows 8 and just keeps going and going and going. Even the power type cover still works!

    • ErichK

      In reply to JH_Radio:

      In order to appease the haters on this site who scoff at every attempt Microsoft makes in the laptop/tablet space, I'd get your dad off that original Surface Pro...

      I kid, of course. ;-)

    • Rycott

      In reply to JH_Radio:

      My old girl is the same. She is still rocking her Gen 1 Surface Pro and still loves it.

      It's on Windows 10 now and she has no complaint about performance at all.

      I think sometimes people on this site forget that lots of people don't run multiple programs or have large amounts of tabs open. The surf the web or check emails and not much more.

  6. digiguy

    I would like a $1000 Surface go, with core m3/i5, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD and LTE. Guess I'll have to wait (and hope) for the next gen or for competition.

  7. roastedwookie

    At least you get that faster storage...not that it would make a difference. It is still running winjunk 10 with a terrible touch UI/UX and bugs.