Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2019 Preview

Posted on December 4, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft with 3 Comments

Microsoft is officially launching the first preview of Visual Studio 2019 at Connect(); 2018 today. Visual Studio 2019 is the next major update for Visual Studio, and developers can get their hands on the first ever preview of Visual Studio 2019 today. The first preview for Visual Studio 2019 for Mac is also launching today.

Visual Studio 2019 brings a new start window experience, designed to help developers get to coding faster than before. Microsoft says the company has redesigned the start window experience to help developers get into their code “faster and easier” than ever before.

The update introduces a new search experience that will better help developers find exactly what they are looking for in their codebases. The update introduced increased coding space, as well as new refactoring capabilities, and smarter debugging.

Microsoft is also announcing custom models for Visual Studio IntelliCode, which is integrated into Visual Studio 2019. The new custom models are supposed to provide more personalized recommendations for developers based on their actual patterns and libraries. The company is expanding language support for Visual Studio IntelliCode to now support XAML, C++, and C# on Visual Studio 2019, and JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Java on Visual Studio Code.

The company is also advancing Visual Studio Live Share today, integrating it right into Visual Studio 2019. The feature allows developers to collaborate in real-time, and it’s now getting support for sharing desktop apps, source control diffs, and code comments. The new features will be included in Visual Studio Code as part of the Live Share extension, and they are included into Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft has announced a wide variety of tools for developers at Connect(); 2018 today, and if you are interested in any of it, make sure to check out the full announcement.

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  1. Dan1986ist

    Where does one get Visual Studio 2019 Preview if running the Community Version?

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