Microsoft Now Makes a $39.99 Pen Designed Specifically for Students

Posted on January 22, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 11 Comments

Microsoft Education is launching a bunch of new products today. Microsoft partners like Dell, Lenovo, and Acer are launching a number of new and affordable Windows 10 devices for their education customers. Most of these devices are regular low to mid-end laptops, though there is a big highlight: the new Microsoft Classroom Pen.

Microsoft is launching a new Classroom Pen designed specifically for students and for use in schools. The pen is designed to be easier to hold and be more durable, which is something that’s going to be really useful for schools. It comes with a hardened pen tip that’s harder to break, and even if there is an accident, every Classroom Pen will come with a replacement tip on the box.

The pen also includes a built-in”slot at the end that makes it easy to connect students’ device cases, so it’s harder to lose them.

It’s also going to be cheaper than something like the regular Surface Pen. It will be available exclusively to education institutions, coming in packs of 20 for a total cost of $799.80, so that’s around $39.99 per pen. It’ll be available starting next month, and it’s going to be available for purchase from the same 36 markets where the Surface Go is available.

Microsoft’s new Classroom Pen is definitely a much-needed product, especially to go along with products like the Surface Go where adding a Surface Pen can really increase the price of the complete experience. This seems like a much cheaper and safer alternative.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Now Makes a $39.99 Pen Designed Specifically for Students”

  1. markbyrn

    interesting, not available to the general consumer.

  2. Polycrastinator

    Really disappointing to not have this available to the general public, though. I like to be able to jot down notes into OneNote, I don't need pressure sensitive artist level styluses, I just need something that writes. Selling that $40 stylus to consumers and students IMO would accommodate that market, and I'm not sure why they wouldn't do it.

  3. SvenJ

    If you aren't a school and want a $40 pen, just go to Amazon and buy one. That's not the only option either.

  4. VancouverNinja

    It is $40 you think they are actually selling them to schools for $40? These may very well get bundled in large deals for $0 and ups the value proposition to the school. It's a very smart move for MS to have paid attention to this detail - yet very obviously needed to let children get the full benefits from the interactive nature of Windows 10.

    My boy is 5 and as much as I try to keep him away from the PC he loves Paint 3D (I Know go figure...). Children love to draw, the pen is the icing on the cake.

  5. Tony Barrett

    No school is going to spend $40 on a pen that's going to get lost/broken/stolen in about 10 minutes flat. Not a chance. Just like many schools are moving away from MS, because their operating systems are just too damn hard to manage and patch in an education environment. You only have to look at Win10 wrong, and it throws a fit!

  6. alfredjohnson

    After reading the full article, I think i will be an awesome educational tool. Students always look for new thing that will help them in their study. I believe, they will love this pen. Basically, working with the students for the last 5 years, i can assume their likes and dislikes. Being a tutor of, I know that they new innovation that they will get in cheap price. Microsoft here has done really a praiseworthy job.

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  9. shawnshartley

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