Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Microsoft Band Apps

Posted on March 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 42 Comments

Fixing Microsoft Band

On this quiet Friday night, Microsoft is announcing the end of support for Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band apps. The company will be shutting down the Microsoft Health Dashboard site on the web and remove the Microsoft Band apps from the Android, Apple, and Microsoft app stores on 31st of May.

Microsoft says those with a Microsoft Band device will continue to be able to use their devices, though you won’t get any of the “web-connected” features. The company will allow users to export their existing data to other services until 31st May 2019.

If you still have the Microsoft Band app installed after the service has reached the end of support, it will simply stop working as Microsoft will completely pull the plug from the backend supporting the service.

In terms of features, you will still be able to record and track things like steps, heart rate, and other basic workouts, as well as activity data on your Band. You will continue to be able to track your sleep and set alarms from the Band, but any of the features that rely on the cloud or the phone app will no longer work.

Microsoft is (thankfully) letting some users get a refund on their Band devices, based on the following criteria. Eligible customers will get $79.99 for the original Band, or $175 for the second-generation Band.

  1. Have a Band that is covered under its Limited Warranty; OR
  2. Are Active Users. An Active User is defined as a user who has worn the Band on their wrist and completed a data sync from the Band to the Health Dashboard between 12/1/2018 and 3/1/2019.

Microsoft pulling the plug on Microsoft Band at this point is not a surprise, considering the fact that the company has stopped making new Band devices. The last Band was released back in 2015, and all the Band apps have not been updated in recent times. The company’s Health platform has also fallen behind other platforms, and so completely shutting down the service makes sense. Unless you still actively use your Band device — and in that case, you might want to try for a refund or just buy a new device.

Thanks for the tip, Chris and Merlin!

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