Microsoft’s First Microsoft Store in London Opens This July

Posted on May 30, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 9 Comments

Microsoft has been working on making its first Microsoft Store in Europe for a while. And after years of work, the store is almost ready for the public. Microsoft today announced that its flagship Microsoft Store in London will open to the general public this July, on the 11th of July, to be exact.

Microsoft’s upcoming store in London is situated in Oxford Circus, right next to the underground station. The new store will showcase Microsoft’s latest hardware, as well as Windows, Office, and its other software. The store is actually pretty huge and covers 21,932 square feet over three floors.

Microsoft’s new store will feature a Community Theatre, which is essentially a communal area where the company will run free workshops and programmes for customers about tech, coding, and STEM learning. The store will also feature an Answer Desk where customers will be able to get tech support, training, and get their products repaired.

As a Londoner, it’s pretty exciting to finally have a Microsoft Store in the area. I will probably be there for the store’s launch on the 11th of July, too. See you guys there.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft’s First Microsoft Store in London Opens This July”

  1. onetokeep

    Well I will definitely give it a look the next time I'm in Central London. It will make a pleasant change to go to a tech store that is not trying to persuade me to buy something I don't want (i.e. an Apple product) because they don't know anything about any other products (and probably not much about the Apple items either).

    Had no idea you were a Londoner, Mehedi!

    • pecosbob04

      In reply to onetokeep:You thought maybe the Apple Store guys would be selling Dell products? And I have never been in an Apple store yet where I ever felt I was getting the hard sell, but then again I never walked in and asked where the Lenovo section was either.

  2. chrishilton1

    See you there! if the link did anything!

  3. spacein_vader

    I hear MS stores are expensive to run because every few months they have to fix the windows.

  4. justme

    Well, they will certainly see traffic walk past the store - whether or not they actually get footfall inside, that remains to be seen. Apple is just up Regent Street, with another central location at Covent Garden. Its prime real estate that will not have been cheap.

    Dont get me wrong, happy to finally see a Microsoft Store somewhere in central London. I just wonder as to how much of a success it will be at this location.

  5. ponsaelius

    Well it's taken a long time for Microsoft to break out of North America. Apple have more than a dozen stores across the UK. I live in the north and I can get to two different Apple Stores in 30 minutes by bus. Nearly is a Samsung store too.

    It's great that it is coming to London. I might even take a train down to London sometime and take a look. I am confused by why Microsoft even bothers with retail. If it had been in the UK five years ago I would have gone there to buy a Windowsphone device as a consumer choice, However, with Microsoft's focus on enterprise I don't really understand what they have a retail presence for at all. Maybe I will find out sometime.

  6. jules_wombat

    Finally, but now ten years too late to save the Microsoft Consumer Brand. I guess it will be interesting to try out a Hololens 2 demo, as the store is just 25 min train ride from home.

    Hopefully Emma Thompson and her pink boat will not still be around.

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