Microsoft Reportedly Showed Off New Dual-Screen Surface Device Internally

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 43 Comments

Microsoft has reportedly started showing off its upcoming Surface hardware internally to employees. The Verge is reporting that the company has recently shown off its upcoming dual-screen Surface device to employees part of its devices team.

Employees apparently formed long lines to get a look at the new Surface device and were able to see a sizzle video of new Surface devices, as well as the new dual-screen device. Details about the new dual-screen device remain unknown, though we do know that the device will pave the way for a bunch of new dual-screen devices from other Windows device makers. The device is also powered by Microsoft’s new stripped-down version of Windows called Windows Lite, and it will be one of the first devices to ship with Windows Lite if it does make it to the public.

The device has been codenamed Centaurus internally, and it’s essentially a bigger version of Microsoft’s original, pocketable Andromeda device. Andromeda’s development has been halted in favour of Centaurus, as we have known in the past. As for Centaurus, we could see the device launch for the public within the next 6 months.

The Verge reports that Microsoft has also shown off a working version of its upcoming game-streaming service xCloud, which it will show off at E3 on Sunday. The company is also apparently working on a new version of Microsoft Teams “for life” that focuses on friends and family, which will be more of a consumer-oriented version of Teams that can compete with services like WhatsApp.

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Comments (43)

43 responses to “Microsoft Reportedly Showed Off New Dual-Screen Surface Device Internally”

  1. dontbe evil

    gonna love it

    • Stooks

      In reply to dontbe_evil:

      Because it is something Microsoft made? Or because you want a dual screen laptop?? Or is it Windows light you want, so you can run it on a ARM SOC, so you can emulate all the apps you run, with less performance than you get from a x86 laptop.

      Or is it you believe all of the Pual/PWA hype and you will just run all you apps ala-PWA style???

      I have seen those gimmicky dual screen laptops that came out at the recent trade show, the one with a main screen and then a smartphone size screen above the now cramped keyboard. Who in the H E double LL want's that BS?????

  2. codymesh

    this is exciting, and while foldable devices are still in their infancy, I have little doubt that a foldable device running Windows would be a more productive and less limiting use than Android

  3. Tony Barrett

    Dual screen laptops are pretty gimmicky, and likely just an attempt at a differentiator. Another screen just adds to the price, is one more thing to go wrong, and has limited use. It's also not very ergonomically friendly, and will likely induce neck strain and other ailments people will file lawsuits for (this is America after all!). Sounds like MS employees would also form long lines for free coffee and donughts, so I wouldn't read too much into that one.

    A consumer version of Teams for 'friends and family'. Sounds like Facebook. OMFG!

  4. AnOldAmigaUser

    Dual screens are definitely preferable to a folding screen from the standpoint of durability, but I have to wonder what the market for this sort of device is. I was very intrigued back in the day, by the Courier videos but that device apparently did not have an email app. After one gets over the wow factor, though, what is the use case for these.

    From a form factor perspective, I think it has to fit in a sports coat pocket or cargo pant pocket to be a proper mobile device, and even then, are you going to replace the mobile device you already carry? If not, there does not seem to be a point, other than a larger screen.

  5. MikeGalos

    And in a couple of hours we'll have more data about whether "Centaurus" and "Andromeda" will ship before Apple's mythical, modular Mac Pro.

  6. kennyb

    This thing is DOA without a strong app ecosystem. At this point, I'm not sure what they can do short of including an Android runtime in Windows Lite.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to kennyb:

      Its a Surface product....

      • kennyb

        In reply to VancouverNinja:

        I'm saying this as an owner of multiple Surfaces devices. I love the hardware of my Surface Go, but as a tablet, it feels like it's getting less useful by the day (as essential apps are actively discontinued or suffer benign neglect). A new form factor will need a rational use case—and that use case will require enabling software. Regular old Windows 10 is not going to cut it, and "Windows Lite" or "Core" or whatever will need apps to succeed.

        • skane2600

          In reply to kennyb:

          There's plenty of Android tablets available if that's what you need. I think it's safe to say that tablet mode on any 2-in-1 device is more of a bonus feature, not the most important function.

          But I'm not a true believer in any of these Windows jr versions regardless of the hardware they run on. There's a very long history of almost compatible products failing.

  7. feek

    Really hope they have some kind of joycon-like hardware for this new device. Would be great for x-cloud.

  8. MixedFarmer75

    I want the smaller one. I wanted the Surface Mini that was never released.

  9. hometoy

    How long will this last until they abandon it or concede to Google? Seems to be their MO lately (in the consumer market).

    • Stooks

      In reply to hometoy:

      Concede what???? I am assuming you mean the phone market or the use of Chromium? Microsoft failed with both. They were too late to the show and updated way too slow.

      The move to Chromium is a great move as was the move to get out of the phone market, in terms of devices and OS. They full on support Android and iOS and their apps on both are extremely popular, which in turn helps sell their cloud services. Those cloud services are head and shoulders above Google's cloud efforts in terms of market share and capability.

      • skane2600

        In reply to Stooks:

        Microsoft was out of the market for phone devices long before they started using Chromium. The market did all the "movement" required for them to get out of that market, they didn't have to do anything.

  10. glenn8878

    Interesting, but I like my dual screens setup to be side by side rather than top to bottom. I can attach a keyboard and mouse to free up screen space for viewing.

  11. Stooks

    A dual screen Surface device running yet another version of Windows on ARM....with basically no native apps.

    Who is running Microsoft's customer research division? Seriously are there more than 5 people asking for this kind of stuff?

    Then again this is rumor upon rumor.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to Stooks:

      It is called moving the Windows platform forward. AKA Innovation. MS has probably the best insight into what is needed from a productivity perspective than almost any other Tech firm today. They are at the heart of virtually every major enterprise company globally. Just wait until we get a chance to see it. We are already down for 3 - 5 of the Surface Hub 2's as soon as we can get them.

  12. wright_is

    A device like the late, lamented Acer Iconia?

  13. OldITPro2000

    Teams "for life" to compete with WhatsApp? Don't we have enough services like this already?

  14. docpaul

    As with Andromeda, I can't picture this being a successful product without Android apps.

    • ReformedCtrlZ

      In reply to DocPaul:

      The fact that when Microsoft last worked with Android apps via the App Bridge they had to abandon the idea because it was too good gives me hope here. If Lite does come to market I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft implement some form of Android app compatibility.

    • Darekmeridian

      In reply to DocPaul:

      Microsoft seems to be embracing virtualization and PWA so there is some hope for something like this device running apps in that manner. Maybe.

  15. Pbike908

    I am not interested in a dual screen device, however, I am interested in windows lite. There isn't a win 32 app I currently run except for browsers. Chromium edge and windows store apps meet my needs.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to Pbike908:

      I expect MS will be pleased to know that there's at least one person out there who doesn't need Windows win32 apps - so they can chalk up 1 sale!

      • saint4eva

        In reply to ghostrider: Surface product lines are selling very well.

      • Pbike908

        In reply to ghostrider:

        There is more of us than you think -- everyone with a Chromebook for starters (I have one, however, I don't really LIKE it unless all I want to do is Use Google Chrome with a keyboard and Chrome is NOT my preferred browser on ANY platform that I use -- Windows, Android, or IOS). Also, essentially 70% of tech users world wide probably could get buy with out Win 32. That said, just about ANYONE that regularly peruses Windows tech blogs would probably NOT BE INTERESTED in Windows Lite.

        From what has been inferred, Windows Lite is designed with ARM in mind and it's been reported that it will have support for Win 32 in emulation. So in the case that I NEED to run a Win 32 app. I will be able to. It's also been reported that the new Qualcomm Windows chips performance will be the same as an Intel I5 processor. Intel I5 processor powered laptops is all I have bought for years -- including this Lenovo Laptop with a 6th generation I5 that I am using to type this.

        So, will Windows Lite meet the needs of folks that pay for a subscription to (which I don't pay by the way)? DOUBTFUL. But then again Microsoft is positioning Windows Lite to that audience.

  16. sharpsone

    I'll buy one for a dual display device to check mail, surf porn and Skype with friends at the same time. Long time Windows user here, a reliable lite weight OS is welcome. yes there are alternatives but those also come with attaching myself to Google or Apple so no thanks. Give me a killer browser, subpar store and the power of the internet...that makes me a happy user who could give a crap about what every Tom, DICK or Jerry thinks.