Microsoft the Musical

Posted on September 7, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft with 29 Comments

A group of talented Microsoft interns has created a musical in which they describe what it’s like working for the software giant.

I’m not exactly a fan of musicals, so … whatever. But it’s well made, and the lyrics are fun. One small complaint: Dishing on Vista but not Windows 8 shows me these kids need to learn their Microsoft history a bit better. But it’s all in good fun, and not mocking in nature at all. And again, super talented.

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Comments (29)

29 responses to “Microsoft the Musical”

  1. swarnock

    I thought for sure Bill Gates was going to be the barista.

  2. Tony Barrett

    I cannot put into words how cringe inducingly bad that was. I mean, come on, are we meant to believe a group of interns did that? I can tell you, that has some higher levels of production, MS were involved, and certainly the MS PR office, who would have had to have approved it. Lots of Surface product placement, and it's likely also designed to try and show how cool it is to work for MS these days - lots of young people and all that.

    I don't buy it at all - it's a PR stunt, nothing more.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to ghostrider:

      What you don't think the PR department has interns. I totally believe that interns can do this. Especially a company the size of Microsoft. It wouldn't surprise me if all those interns got Surface devices when they started working there. Why would you buy a Dell when your company makes Surface.

    • bluvg

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Look at the credits. Unless you think all the effort put into it was from others inside and outside the company, that's a disservice to the interns....

  3. dcdevito

    No Longhorn reference, I am disappoint

  4. patmcq

    Ditto Paul... Kitschy fun!

  5. mikes_infl

    I think I liked one of the earlier ones better.

  6. Patrick3D

    They kinda forgot to mention Paul Allen.

  7. bluvg

    According to the credits, the orchestration was composed and conducted by one of the interns, and most of the orchestra (real! There are some slight intonation issues in sections, though nothing unacceptable) was also made of interns. A ton of talent, super talented indeed!

  8. angusmatheson

    Delightful video. What talent. And to deify Bill Gates is brilliant. It’s funny Apple is going away from the cult of Jobs, as they are trying to convince the wold they can survive without him.

    However, the intern phenomenon is another way that rich kids are favorited over poor kids in our society. If you want a good job, you have to be able to work for free for a year. No everyone can afford to do that, so the good jobs go to the kids who can.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Angusmatheson:

      Maybe it's different in Civil Engineering then software engineering, but I've never heard of an intern working for free.

      • Tamichan

        In reply to lvthunder:

        It definitely depends on your field. In the early to mid 90's the Poli Sci field most of the internships were unpaid. Not something I could do. Toward the end of the 90's there was supposed to be a change in these internships. Now I have a couple of nephews with Poli Sci majors and those same internships are still unpaid.

        IT seems to have always been better when it comes to paying interns a decent wage.

    • wright_is

      In reply to Angusmatheson:

      Internships generally have to meet minimum wage (most pay more) over here and students doing bachelor or masters need to do a few semesters in a company to attain enough credits for their course.

      In fact, some do longer internships to try and build up enough of a cushion to finance their final semesters.

      Some companies do try and get prospective employees to do a day or two of work for free, to see if they fit in, but that really is just a couple of days, I've never heard of it extending to a week or more.

  9. chrishilton1

    Reminds me of the recent Netflix series Another Life, where a bunch of teenagers are thrust into space to save all of humanity, full of emotions, and absolutely no experience what so ever.

  10. Jhambi

    Cool :) This is what will draw the kids to Azure. It worked for the kin :

  11. MikeGalos

    To swarnock over on the Premium side who was sure BillG was going to be the barrista:

    They wanted him to be but they couldn't get a filming time that worked with his schedule according to some insider discussion from some Microsoft people who helped on this.

    Remember this entire production (and you can see how big a production and how large a team it took if you read the credits) had to ship the video during the Summer Intern season which was only 8 weeks from coming up with the idea to writing music, scripting, choreography, rehearsals, editing, and that left a fairly short window for filming and Bill was already committed during that window.

  12. jules_wombat

    Well someone enjoying themselves. l guess I am rather old and out of touch, since I rather liked Windows Phone. iOS and Android are regressive in comparison. Let's just hope for Microsoft sake, that there is some of Bill Gates and the WP design team talent amongst this group of interns.

  13. anderb

    Well. That explains why the latest cumulative update broke my desktop.

  14. jbinaz

    This was just incredibly well done, especially by people whose primary jobs will most likely be doing something other than show business.

  15. PeteB

    Cringe inducing

  16. My Hell baby speaking

    Preposterous in every direction whether you insist on egality of outcome or whether you find the dogma of the diversity church to be regressive: The flick is not in accord with Microsoft's own diversity report.

  17. saint4eva

    The video is perfectly made. Incredible Microsoft interns.

  18. chesscanoe

    Pretty daring to negatively reference the Microsoft Phone in this very well done propaganda video.

  19. craisin

    Really enjoyed that. Well done people at Microsoft!