GitHub Acquires Code Analysis Platform Semmle

Posted on September 19, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev, Microsoft with 0 Comments

Microsoft-owned GitHub announced on Wednesday it’s acquiring Semmle, a code analysis platform that helps developers detect security vulnerabilities in their code. The 13-year old company’s products and technology are used by large tech companies like Google, Uber, NASA, and even Microsoft.

GitHub’s acquisition of Semmle will likely result in the company’s tech being integrated into GitHub. However, Semmle’s current services and customers will remain unaffected. In fact, the company says it will now be able to serve their customers better than before now that its part of GitHub. Existing Semmle products will come to work as before, though they will apparently get new features with tight integration for GitHub.

Semmle’s engineers and security engineers will be joining GitHub as part of the acquisition, of course. “Software security is a community effort; no single company can find every vulnerability or secure the open source supply chain behind everyone’s code. Semmle’s community-driven approach to identifying and preventing security vulnerabilities is the very best way forward,” said GitHub CEO Nat Friedman.

GitHub has been focusing a lot on security-related features lately, and so this new Semmle acquisition makes a lot of sense. The company is holding a security-focused webinar on October 3rd where it will share more on what’s to expect from Semmle and GitHub.

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