Microsoft’s Holiday 2019 Ad Lets a Kid Talk to Reindeer

Posted on November 26, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 0 Comments

Ah yes, it’s (almost) holiday season, which means the big companies are all about to release their holiday ads. Apple just released its holiday ad yesterday, and Microsoft is today releasing their own holiday ad for this year.

Micorosfts’ Holiday 2019 ad focuses mainly on a kid, Lucy. The video highlights Microsoft Translator, showing a video call where the people on the other end are speaking Japanese, but the power of Microsoft Translator allowed Lucy’s English-speaking mum to understand them as the call was being translated into English in real-time.

After watching her mum talk to the people from Japan, Lucy tried the same trick…with reindeer. It’s a pretty funny ending with the Surface Pro translating the reindeer’s noises into English. And like kids usually do, Lucy started asking the reindeer endless amounts of questions.

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