Outlook for iPadOS Gets Massive Multi-Tasking Improvements

Posted on February 4, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Outlook.com, Microsoft, iPadOS with 10 Comments

It’s no secret Microsoft’s Outlook app is one of the best — if not the best — email client on iPhones and iPads. Microsoft is now upgrading the app once again to improve the experience for iPad users.

To date, Outlook didn’t support a lot of the main multitasking features on iPadOS. The app did offer an interface that takes advantage of the screen real estate of iPads, but it didn’t support the multitasking features.

Today, Microsoft started rolling out a new update to the Outlook app on iPadOS. The new update introduces support for Split View on iPadOS, which means you can now open it side-by-side with other apps on iPadOS. The update also enables support for Slide Over, meaning you can quickly open Outlook over other apps on iPads. Microsoft first promised the multitasking features last year, notes 9to5Mac.

And last but not least, the new update introduces support for drag-and-drop, which is where the multitasking features come in handy. Combined with the multitasking features, you can now drag-and-drop content from other apps directly into your emails when you are composing emails, which is obviously going to very useful.

You can get the new update from the App Store here. 

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Outlook for iPadOS Gets Massive Multi-Tasking Improvements”

  1. Vladimir Carli

    It’s unbelievable that outlook is an amazing email client for every platform with the exception of windows. And there is not even one decent client for windows... really no words

    • mclark2112

      In reply to Vladimir:

      You are so correct! Outlook (on windows) is a horrible memory hog, and locks up so much. I almost want to go with the web app version full time. And I have to support 300 machines running this junk.

      • Vladimir Carli

        In reply to mclark2112:

        Unfortunately I need a client with an offline archive, I can't use the web app. I find this to be extremely frustrating and makes want to abandon windows again. Basically, the only thing that is holding me on windows is gaming :-)

    • bassoprofundo

      In reply to Vladimir:

      Legacy integrations are the issue there... It's not like on the other platforms where you could essentially "nuke & pave". There are all kinds of 3rd party plugins and obscure features used by the enterprise that would cause businesses to go ape$h1t if they dropped them.

  2. cyrulnik

    Great that Microsoft has finally figured out how to use the multi-window APIs on iPad. They came out last June. Anyone know whether Microsoft is going to bring this to Word for iPad anytime soon?

  3. bnyklue

    And yet the Windows version is still terrible.

    • nbplopes

      In reply to bnyklue:

      In Windows you can get the x64 version. Why would you want the UWP version?

      • Vladimir Carli

        In reply to nbplopes:

        not sure which is the x64 and which the UWP. However the outlook client is extremely good on Macos, iOS and Android, while it sucks for windows. It's extremely frustrating. Especially because there are plenty of excellent clients for Mac/iOs/Android and none for windows

  4. stephenf

    At first glance it looks like 2 displays... ?

  5. BizTechSherpa

    I am geeked about this, but really looking forward to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint having the ability to do multi-window and instance.