Microsoft Cancels MVP Summit Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 9 Comments

Last week, Microsoft pulled out of the annual Game Developers Conference due to concerns over coronavirus. Today, the company is cancelling its MVP Summit due to the same reason.

Microsoft’s MVP Summit is an event where Microsoft lots of different technical sessions and networking opportunities for those part of Microsoft’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program.

The company started notifying users about the decision to cancel this year’s MVP Summit earlier this evening. “In light of recent developments globally and the growing concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Microsoft has made the decision that this year’s MVP/Regional Director Summit will be an online-only/virtual event,” the email read.

The number of deaths caused by the coronavirus has surpassed 3,000, and it continues to be a global threat.

That means if you were planning to attend the MVP Summit this year, you will have to attend the virtual event from home. It is obviously very unfortunate, but Microsoft, like many other companies, does not really have any other solutions.

With Build 2020 approaching quickly in May and coronavirus continuing to spread, it’s still not confirmed whether Microsoft will be going ahead with this year’s Build conference either.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Cancels MVP Summit Due to Coronavirus Concerns”

  1. SvenJ

    That's very unfortunate. Having been an MVP for over a dozen years in the past, the Summit was the highlight of the year. Primarily it was the opportunity to meet the persons you dealt with in person, not just other MVPs but MS folks as well.

  2. robsanders247

    They also canceled the Ignite The Tour event for next week in Amsterdam, where I would be speaking. I guess we'll see more events being canceled over the next couple of weeks. April to June really is a busy time with all the events happening.

    My family will be happy though, as I will be home much more this Spring than originally anticipated.

    • tommybeck

      In reply to robsanders247:Where did you learn that the Amsterdam Ignite is cancelled? At the moment it's only the one in Zürich that's listed as cancelled, at least of the European ones

      • robsanders247

        In reply to tommybeck:

        I'm working at one of the sponsors for the event in Amsterdam and our marketing team received an email last night it was cancelled. A friend of mine was registered to attend, he received an email from the organizers this morning with the same message. Just checked, the public website still states they are monitoring the situation, but that clearly is not the case any longer.

  3. irfaanwahid

    I had actually made all the arrangements to go for the MVP Summit. It's unfortunate but as Mehedi said, there is no much choice left fro Microsoft.

    However, since I had done all reservations, I am still visiting Seattle and later NYC.

    I am accepting all good gestures by Seattle/NYC folks to show me around like a local ;-)

  4. r2d22

    meanwhile other websites use a proper title, and mehdi doesn't like I write this

    "Microsoft's MVP Summit switches to virtual event amid coronavirus concerns"

    "Microsoft cancels in-person MVP Summit thanks to coronavirus fear"

  5. red77star

    More people die from the regular flu, in fact more people die from starvation on monthly basis than from this virus. Let's not be mistaken, this is just man made virus in the lab, another strain of flu/cold virus.

    • Paul Thurrott

      So, that's no longer true: Coronavirus is deadlier than the flu. And that's the problem with something like this: It evolves rapidly. And how this plays out is clear, which is why all these shows are being canceled.
      • hassan_timite

        In reply to paul-thurrott:

        Corona Virus deadlier than the flu ???

        Are you kidding me ?

        With just over 3000 dead in over 3 months when the flu kill over one hundred of thousands (probably more) in the same period ?

        With just a death rate of 2 % ?

        This virus is not really deadly, at least much less than the Ebola. And it is a shame that Medias and the power that be are triggering an global economy crisis for such a disease !

        • Paul Thurrott

          Guys. Let's not waste time arguing facts. Jesus. "Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, is much deadlier than seasonal flu but may not spread as easily, World Health Organization officials have reiterated."
  6. hassan_timite

    No kidding. Up to now this disease is way less dangerous and lethal than other diseases such as influenza or Malaria.

    The Malaria alone affect hundreds of millions of people and kills hundred of thousands of people each year.

    The influenza kills also hundred of thousands of people each year.

    This strain of the Corona Virus has killed up to 3000 people since the starts of the so called pandemy.

    Yet the powers that be are apparently panicking and leading us to an economy crash which could affect the whole global economy.

    This is insane unless some people expect to earn a lot of money with all this and/or disrupt the economy of countries like let say China or Iran !!!

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