Microsoft Says Two of Its Employees Have Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Posted on March 6, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 20 Comments

Microsoft has been taking a number of actions to protect its employees from the coronavirus outbreak. The company recently started encouraging employees to work from home, for example.

However, due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus in the Washington state, two of Microsoft employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus, the software maker confirmed earlier this morning.

CNBC reports that both of the affected employees are based in Puget Sound, which is where Microsoft’s Redmond HQ is located. One of the affected employees works on the LinkedIn team, which is owned by Microsoft.

Both of the employees are in quarantine now, and Microsoft is taking actions to ensure more employees do not come in contact with the virus. “Local health experts have determined that this individual had no known contact with other employees while infected and, based on that fact, there is no risk to those who work at LinkedIn from this case,”  a LinkedIn spokesperson said.

Amazon also reported an employee testing positive for coronavirus earlier this month, and one of Facebook’s contractors also tested positive for the virus.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that the company will continue to pay hourly workers their wages, even though there’s less on-site presence needed from the hourly works due to more employees working from home. Microsoft said the company will continue to pay all 4,500 of its hourly works in Puget Sound their regular wages, even if their work hours are reduced. This is a brilliant move from the firm, and it’s exactly how these big corporations should be supporting their employees and the local community at this time.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Microsoft Says Two of Its Employees Have Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus”

  1. madthinus

    Not a tech story...

  2. bls

    Thanks for covering this. Living near Kirkland Ground Zero, we're very concerned about the coronavirus, primarily in terms of inadvertantly catching it from someone's virus droppings in a public location (store, etc).

    This is real. And really serious.

    As someone who has worked with Microsoft a lot in the past, has friends that work at Microsoft, and is a Microsoft shareholder, I'm quite impressed with their proactive stance on addressing this health crisis.

    And, it's absolutely a technology story. Perhaps not at this very minute. But, as the days and weeks grind on dealing with coronavirus in this country (and yes, I'm afraid it's going to be a story for longer than we'd like), Microsoft's steps here could ultimately result in innovative new technology to make WAH even more effective in the future.

  3. madthinus

    In reply to red.radar:

    Thank you. Every major company is likely to have people that is impacted by this virus. Reporting every case is not the story I would consider a tech news story. How companies respond is. The fact that they send people home or offer products and trials for programs that is normally paid is fine. Those points are valid tech news stories. This, to my view is not. Are you going to write about every person at every tech company that is sick? Anyway, my view, my feedback. No need to respond, if you disagree, that is fine, down vote.

  4. lvthunder

    In reply to red.radar:

    I don't think it's a low information story. They can't release more details then that because of the employee's privacy. I also find it sad that their employees are sick. Seeing stories about what companies are doing will help the good ideas spread to other employers more quickly.

  5. eric_rasmussen

    It's good to see Microsoft doing the right thing for their employees and the surrounding communities. I hope most companies will act like this, it's the only way we're going to be able to stop the spread.

  6. JH_Radio

    And even if you disagree with Thurrott covering it, everybody else is gonna. and yeah they do have to cover it, I agree with this.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Guys. This has nothing to do with whatever others are reporting. This virus is impacting our industry in major ways. And it is impacting Microsoft specifically. We'll report on that as required. We're not going to turn into Coronavirus Daily like your local news. And we are most certainly not going to debate facts.
  7. jaredthegeek

    There is still an big and unknown impact looming. My buddy that works at Google got an email last night encouraging him to work from home through the end of the month.

    • red.radar

      In reply to jaredthegeek:

      When the dust settles I really would love to know what people’s productivity was like with so many working from home.

      Even in technology I find that only so much can be done from home because you need access to tools and resources on site.

      Curious if this event provokes an acceleration of working from home.

      great time to generate case studies on the topic.

  8. Dale Griffin


    Just remember the person who is never criticized is the person who does nothing.

    Keep on keeping on.....

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