HP Reveals New VR Headset Built in Partnership With Microsoft and Valve

Posted on May 28, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft with 3 Comments

We have been expecting it for a while, and it’s here: HP just announced its new Reverb G2 VR headset. The second generation of HP’s Reverb headset is built in partnership with Microsoft and Valve, coming in at $599.

The new headset features 2,160×2,160 pixels per eye as the original headsets, but this time around, the LCD panels are designed by Valve. The new displays are meant to offer more clear and precise elements on the display than the original Reverb. The displays offer a refresh rate of 90Hz.

The new headset also features a toggle for adjusting IPD, which will allow you to adjust the lenses to better fit the distance between your pupils. Valve has also helped design the Reverb G2’s built-in headphones. The new headphones will sit 10mm away from your ears, offering an improved spatial audio experience. The new headphones use Microsoft’s spatial audio platform, and like before, you will be able to take them out to use your own headphones if you would like.

Elsewhere, HP has added two new cameras to the Reverb G2. The new headset features a total of four cameras, with the two new cameras on the side allowing for improved motion detection.

HP is introducing new, redesigned controllers with the Reverb G2 as well. The new design is meant to be more ergonomic, with two new buttons in place of the awkward trackpad we have seen before. The new controller looks more natural, almost like an actual gaming controller.

The new Reverb G2 weighs around 1.21 pounds (0.5kg), and although it’s a little heavier than the original Reverb, the new headset is supposed to be more comfortable. HP says the new headset features a design that’s more comfortable to wear, with increased facemask cushion and better weight distribution.

The new headset will be selling for $599, and ship sometime in fall 2020. You can pre-order it today.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “HP Reveals New VR Headset Built in Partnership With Microsoft and Valve”

  1. ghostrider

    Is Windows MR still even a thing? I can only imagine this must have been so far into development, it would have been more expensive to cancel it than to go ahead and launch it. I haven't heard anyone talk up WMR in a long, long time - even MS themselves don't talk about it anymore!

    • Vladimir Carli

      In reply to ghostrider:

      of course it’s a thing. I play vr games with wmr all the time. It’s niche but there is still a market for vr headsets and excellent games are released regularly

    • angusmatheson

      In reply to ghostrider:

      It was amazing how it was all Microsoft could talk about for awhile. Hololens. Built in 3D paint. All these VR helmets - and now. It isn’t talked about at all. I do think there is a future for AR and VR - but this is classic Microsoft to come out with something too early and then drop it. Facebook and Samsung are putting out lighter and better VR headsets. Amazon allows you to virtually see a product from their site in your home before you buy. Apple putting LIDAR into iPad pros so it can sense the world better. Is Microsoft evolving it’s windows ARE/VR products? If so it is behind the scenes. Or have they lost attention?