Microsoft Store Launches a Spring Sale

Posted on March 26, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Mobile, PC gaming, Windows 10, Xbox, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X with 8 Comments

The Microsoft Store’s annual Spring Sale starts today, offering deals and discounts on Surface PCs, gaming PCs, Xbox accessories, and more.

“While the pandemic continues to change how we communicate, shop, live and play, one thing that remains consistent is our shared remote lifestyle,” a Microsoft representative told me. “A recent study revealed more than 40 percent of Americans are still working remotely and, for many of us, it’s likely time for a much-needed home office upgrade or maybe a few new digital games to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

You can find the sale here, but some key highlights include:

Up to $800 on select Surface Laptop 3. You can save $400 now when you buy a new Surface Laptop 3 and get up to $400 back when you trade in an eligible device.

Up to $460 off Surface Pro 7 bundles. Save big when you buy Surface Pro 7 with a choice of select Type Covers.

Up to $500 off select PCs. Save on laptops, desktops, and 2-in-1s.

Up to $500 off gaming PCs. Powered for gaming with the latest processors, graphics cards, and features.

There’s a lot more, so check out the sale page for details.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Store Launches a Spring Sale”

  1. mr brandon

    Great deal if you need a PC now for the Surface Laptop, but know that it's to clearance out the remaining models since the new ones should be here by summer.

  2. crunchyfrog

    Paul, after Mary Jo's Surface Laptop failed right after the warranty ended do you recommend that laptop? I know that you lean towards HP as a brand you use for work.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Yeah, I'd get one, but I'd go for the Intel version since the AMD chipset is now, and was always, out of date.
  3. webdev511

    Looks like they're clearing out the Surface Pro 7s making room for the 8.

    I'd wait for the next gen Surface Laptop though or take a deal on the current Intel version if I needed one. As of now I do not.

  4. ghostrider

    The only time it's worth getting a Surface is if they're giving them away. These things are NOT built to last - trust me.

  5. straker135

    Hanging on for the new models. Any likelihood of Thunderbolt connections? What about the latest AMD mobile processors? They look to be interesting. Will we see form factor changes for the venerable Pro series? Probably not, because they are 'for Enterprise' so Microsoft have to maintain compatibility with their peripherals. What about a Duo 2? I'll be somewhat interested if there are significant improvements in camera, inductive charging, processor and 5G. The price will remain horrendous for what is basically an eBook reader in a book format.

  6. JH_Radio

    But can't you only get an AMD version as a consumer?