Microsoft Pushes Back Return to Offices to September

Posted on April 2, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft with 1 Comment

Microsoft has had a change of heart after previously announcing that it would open its offices to employees by July. Now it’s looking at September as a more reasonable timeframe.

“We believe this date will afford additional flexibility for employees to make summer plans, and we’ll continue to keep you updated if the date moves out [again],” Microsoft executive vice president Kurt DelBene told employees in an email that was viewed by Business Insider.

Microsoft is currently at stage 4 in its schedule for employees returning to the company’s offices, or what’s called a “soft open.” There are two more to come: Stage 5, “Open with restrictions,” and Stage 6, “Open.” The change from a July to September date is for Stage 6.

Microsoft told employees that it would continue to “monitor conditions” related to COVID-19 and adjust the schedule again as necessary.

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One response to “Microsoft Pushes Back Return to Offices to September”

  1. ronv42

    Ha I just got my notice this week that even though our offices are opening up I was reclassified as a home based worker. And I am in a role where collaboration is key for designs and also presentation skills are needed. Over the last year watching a screen full of Teams and Zoom Zombies has shown me that we have lost the ability to collaborate and have become push knowledge brain washed.