Microsoft Store is Hosting a Back-to-School Sale

Posted on June 21, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft with 12 Comments

I know, it’s only June. But the Microsoft Store is hosting a back-to-school sale with discounts on laptops, PCs, accessories, and more.

“With 62 percent of parents planning to purchase more back-to-school items online this summer, they can start saving now on tech and accessories for the upcoming school year,” the Microsoft Store team writes. “To help parents plan ahead, starting June 21, Microsoft Store’s upcoming sale will have discounts on laptops, PCs, accessories and more.”

June 21? That’s today. Here are some of the sale items:

Up to $670 Surface Duo. You should not buy this product, but $699.99 was always the correct starting price for Surface Duo.

Up to $150 off Surface Laptop Go. It’s underpowered and missing some obvious features, but the Surface Laptop Go may be more palatable at up to $150 off.

Up to $175 on the Kano PC Bundle. This interesting bundle is aimed at kids who wish to assemble a computer and learn basic computer skills and coding. The bundle includes a free Kano webcam.

Up to 50% off Razer accessories. Select Razer accessories, including the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition and the Razer Kraken Ultimate, are now 50 percent off.

You can find these and other sales items at the Microsoft Store sale through the end of this week.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Microsoft Store is Hosting a Back-to-School Sale”

  1. whistlerpro

    Funny that everyone seems to be having a sale on Prime Day…

  2. JH_Radio

    Apparently Amazon started a new trend. so if they don't want everybody just shopping at Amazon, then they'll all have sails too.

  3. locust_infested_orchard_inc.

    Listening to a couple of retail analysts earlier today, Prime Day(s) has become the new Black Friday for the West (China has its larger equivalent called Singles' Day, held on 11th November).

    The retail sector will do anything to coerce shoppers to part with their savings.

  4. compuser

    Back to school sale? It's June, school just got out.

  5. LouS

    Not much there for Surface fans. Bottom of the barrel of Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Go. Nothing for Surface Laptop 4.

    I'm actually thinking about trying out a Macbook. Got one for my son for his HS Graduation and he is loving it. Never thought I'd say it, but I am growing tired of the Windows BS...

  6. crunchyfrog

    I am so glad that I returned my Surface Duo within the return period. Base model with damage warranty and tax was $1700. What a joke!

  7. angusmatheson

    Do not get the Kano bundle. The raspberry pi versions were grear. You really got the build the little computer, and Kano OS was a cool little OS focused on teaching coding. At $100 something to play with. The Kano PC was $499 for a 5 pound tablet PC. 5 pound PC for kids?!? You don’t get to put in the cpu, or RAM. You cannot even see them like you can if you take off the back of a normal laptop. And it runs Windows 10 - even at $175 off, $325, off there are much better computer experiences for kids. It is really sad because KANO’s original products were really cool.

  8. Ricky H.

    These new video ads are killing me... I have your site whitelisted on my AdBlock but just today I've noticed the videos and banners have become extremely obnoxious

  9. hrlngrv

    Gotta move that Windows 10 dead wood hardware with Windows 11 coming out any day now.

  10. ken10

    $670 off for Duo. Now Leo can have two "digital books"

  11. DoloresCarter

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