Microsoft Learn Expands, Replaces Microsoft Docs

Posted on September 20, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Microsoft with 0 Comments

Microsoft announced today that it is rolling its Microsoft Docs site into Microsoft Learn, its central place for product help and training.

“We’ve brought together all the technical content, learning tools, and resources that Microsoft has to offer in the new Microsoft Learn product family,” Microsoft’s Erin Rifkin writes. “Microsoft Learn is designed to help you get the most value from Microsoft products and services, so you can make the most impact through the work you want to do. Whether you’re innovating or troubleshooting a problem, technology, and the skills you need to use it are now within reach.”

Microsoft Docs, notably, will no longer be available at Instead, you can find that documentation content at There, you can “easily access all Microsoft technical documentation, including quick starts, how-to guides, and architectural guidance and frameworks created by our engineering teams. If you’re a longtime Docs user, you’ll find the features you know and love, and your old bookmarks will work, too.”

My fear, initially, was that Microsoft Learn would do to Docs what it had earlier done to Channel 9: when Microsoft announced that it was rolling Channel 9 into Learn in late 2021, it promised that “the thousands of hours of current technical knowledge historically found on Channel 9 will be migrated to Microsoft Learn.” But much of that content is gone now and/or hard to find, and hopefully not for good.

Anyway, it appears this is just a rebranding.

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