Tip: Find Out if a Phone Will Work with a Particular Carrier in any Country

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile with 0 Comments

As I learned recently when I purchased an international Lumia 930 for use on AT&T here in the United States, all phones do not fully support all wireless carriers in all countries. Fortunately, there’s a great new web site that will help you figure out how well any phone will work with any carrier in any country.

This tip comes courtesy of Derek DeMedeiros. I’ll be adding this one to the bookmarks in my toolbox for regular reference going forward. You should as well.

Here’s the deal.

As you may recall, when I purchased a Nokia Lumia 930 earlier this year, I knew that it would only work with HSPA+ (3G) performance on my own carrier, AT&T, and not with LTE. But finding that out required a lot of research. But thanks to Will My Phone Work? you can just step through a simple wizard to find out what works where.

For example, that 930. If I was browsing around the Expansys or Amazon web site and wished to purchase that device today, I’d just go to this site to figure out the compatibility. You select the brand (Nokia), the model (Lumia 930), country (United States) and then the carrier (AT&T) from a set of drop-downs and—voila!—the answer appears.


Very nice.

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