Cortana Gets a Major Update on Android and iOS

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Mobile, iOS, Android with 18 Comments

Cortana Gets a Major Update on Android and iOS

Microsoft has issued a major update to Cortana on Android iOS. It offers a new look and feel and better integration with smart speakers like the Invoke.

The release appears to be timed to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and there is a prominent “Continue your tasks on PC” card at the top of the Upcoming view to help get you started with this new cross-platform functionality.

The Devices view, available from the hamburger menu, is now lighting up because I have an Invoke. When selected, you can navigate between your history of voice commands, which is kind of interesting, the music that is or was last playing, and device settings.

According to the release notes, the following changed were made in Cortana 2.9 on Android and Cortana 2.6 on iOS.

  • A fresh new look with a simpler and improved user experience
  • It’s now easier and faster to create reminders to help you stay on top of things
  • Redesigned profile and settings page to easily manage your preferences

  • Improved performance particularly faster page transitions and app responsiveness
  • Regular bug fixes and performance improvements

Looks good to me. I’m going to write about replacing Google Assistant with Cortana on Android soon.


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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Cortana Gets a Major Update on Android and iOS”

  1. mocavo67

    look forward to more of these improvements but I am still holding on to my 950xl for a bit longer

  2. StoneJack

    What is Cortana?

  3. Brian Menzie

    I still feel like my experience with Cortana on iOS feels like an unfinished product, even compared to Cortana on WP8. (No I am not a WP blind fanboy lol.) It's small things. When I speak to Cortana, the sound effect sounds like it's late and cut off awkwardly as if by accident. When I add a reminder, it says "Input reminder content." Only computer devs use words like that, not average users. It just felt like a more fully realized product before. Now there are parts that seem nice and others that feel incomplete.

  4. robincapper

    English speaking smartphone heavy broadband connected New Zealand still has no Cortana on mobile and a crippled (pretend to be Australian to get limited service) implementation on Windows. Will they ever consider life exists outside the US?

  5. BBoileau

    It's annoying how Microsoft is unable to make things work outside of the USA or on a delayed schedule. Everyday the world moves closer and closer to Google.

  6. irfaanwahid

    And yes, Cortana is still not available in my country, Kenya! Siri, Google Assistant is very much making headway internationally.

    Cortana, Groove Music (Retired now) none of these services have been available here. However, Apple Music, Siri have been here since day 1.

  7. Winner

    "Hey Cortana, shut down please and switch to Google Assistant"

  8. wunderbar

    Still not available outside of the US.

    Thanks Microsoft. Not like there are 6.7 Billion other people you're not marketing this to.

  9. Grant

    Like sooo much with MSFT - not available outside the USA.

  10. Chris Mertens

    I have not replaced the Google Assistant on my Android phone but I have set the "Feed" page of the Microsoft Launcher as my default home screen and added the Cortana widget to the feed. I've been trying to use it since it's right on my feed and easy to activate. I'm actually impressed with the things Cortana can do now on Android. It seems to be getting close to the point where it's at least a possibility.

  11. MixedFarmer75

    Finally works in Canada!!