Photo Themes Come to SwiftKey on Android and iOS

Posted on November 11, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Mobile with 6 Comments

Photo Themes Come to SwiftKey on Android and iOS

Support for custom photo themes is now available in Swiftkey for Android and iOS. The feature previously debuted in the SwiftKey Beta on Android.

“Truly personalize your keyboard by picking any photo as your background,” the SwiftKey listing in the Google Play Store notes. “Take your design further by resizing the photo, choose background brightness, plus toggle key borders and symbols.”

As I noted with the beta, this feature is easy enough to use: Just navigate to SwiftKey > Themes > Custom, tap “Start” to design your new theme, and choose an image.

On Android, SwiftKey now also supports additional languages such as Griko, Khasi, Marwari, Ossetic (Iron and Digor), Sango, Samogitian, Saramaccan, Tok Pisin, and Võro.

And on iOS, the new releases fixes a few bugs: It will no longer repeatedly autocorrect a previously learned word or insert extra spaces after corrections.

SwiftKey has also announced a partnership with National Geographic that brings 12 great photos to the keyboard app. You can find them here.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Photo Themes Come to SwiftKey on Android and iOS”

  1. RonH

    too much of a distraction for me

  2. Bats

    Honestly....why is MSFT wasting their time with this?

  3. Win74ever

    But why would you want a picture in your keyboard?

  4. kbipinkumar

    Gboard already allows you to do that you can even use pictures taken by yourself.

  5. bmatusz

    Actually, this was the lack of this feature that kept me from switching from Word Flow.

    Last year over a period of four months we lost three cats (siblings aged 17) to various old age illnesses. These cats were rescued from an Ohio barn as palm-sized kittens. Photos of them serve as the backdrop on my Word Flow keyboard. Now they can be there on SwiftKey where I can pet a lost pet by swiping to type. Yep, I'm sentimental.

  6. hlbmab

    I just added a photo I took with the lens cap on.