Android 8.0 Arrives for the Essential Phone as a Beta

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Mobile, Android with 6 Comments

Essential is today releasing the first ever build of Android 8.0 (Oreo) for the Essential PH-1 today. Essential announced the Android 8.0 release for the PH-1 back in September, and the company is releasing the first beta of Android 8.0 for the PH-1 today, allowing users to try out all the new Android 8.0 enhancements and features on your device.

Installing Android 8.0 on the Essential PH-1 isn’t particularly easy, especially if you aren’t too familiar with ADB tools. Essential is offering a recovery build for the PH-1 as well, so if you find any critical bug on the Android 8.0 update or fail to install it properly, you can use that to go back to Android 7.0.

Essential is one of the few Android manufacturers who don’t tweak much of the feel and look of pure Android. That’s mostly a good thing for the most part, as it allows the company to deliver major Android updates more quickly while offering a bloat-free experience, which is rare on Android flagships nowadays. It’s important to note that Google’s Pixel devices already have the Android 8.0 update, but the majority of Android phones are yet to get the new features — including Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones. Although Samsung has also started testing Android 8.0 with Samsung Experience 9.0 (previously TouchWiz), it’s still a month or so away from the official public rollout.

With Android 8.0, the PH-1 looks like a pretty decent mid-range option if you are planning to get a new Android phone. The device initially launched with a high price of $699 and a poor camera, but Essential later introduced a permanent discount of $200 for the device after reportedly selling only 5,000 units. At $499, the Essential PH-1 is a solid looking Android flagship, as long as you can live with the sub-par camera.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Android 8.0 Arrives for the Essential Phone as a Beta”

  1. jcalamita

    Solid hardware and regular updates (as long as the company stays afloat) make this a good sub $500 purchase and a prime phone to make into a Microsoft phone, since there is no bloatware. Installing the Google Camera app has pushed the camera from average to pretty good. The Oneplus 5t might be the best at this price, but the Essential will be a close second.

  2. VirtualDanMan

    First off ... Welcome aboard Mehedi! Don't let these guys push you around... ;-)

    Now, back to topic: This is great. I was just wondering if anyone heard anything new regarding the arrival of Oreo for other phones?

  3. Bats

    Just now? This is why a prefer to buy the Pixel. For most people, the OS is not important. As a tech guy, I always want the latest and greatest.

  4. JustinMSalvato

    Ooh! Double Stuffed! I like when Android is going here.

  5. JJanner

    I'm enjoying Oreo on my unlocked (UK variant) Sony Xperia XZ Premium, rolled out by the folks at Sony on November 3rd. Works great, but did break something in Microsoft Launcher that prevents the Google browser from sending shortcuts to my home page.

  6. Michael Langone

    Besides the camera app, my PH-1 suffers from bad touchscreen response and poor cell reception (compared to nexus 6P) I have a few days left to return it if I decide to but IDK what i would get to replace it.