Microsoft Edge Picks Up a Dark Theme on Mobile

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Mobile, Android, iOS with 15 Comments

Unlocked from an OS update schedule, Microsoft Edge on mobile is being updated at a rapid clip. And this week, the web browser picked up another nice update that adds a dark theme.

I know, it’s not earth-shattering. But when you combine this update with the features Microsoft has added since the initial release—especially password sync, which I assume was the number one request—you can see how good Edge can get if Microsoft simply allows itself to update the browser as needed.

Which is very much not the case on Windows 10: There, Microsoft Edge is integrated into the OS, and it follows the same twice-a-year feature update schedule. That schedule is untenable for end users, I think, especially businesses. But for a web browser, it’s glacial. And while Edge has absolutely improved in leaps and bounds in the two years its been available, it’s just happening too slowly. The usage figures bear it out: Very few people use Edge on the PC.

But the availability of Edge on mobile can help. And that’s especially true if that browser can be made to be as useful and usable as established rivals like Safari and Chrome. And that is absolutely happening.

Anyway, you can change the theme in Microsoft Edge on Android or iOS by navigating to More > Settings > Appearance > Theme. There are three options, confusingly: Default, Light, and Dark.

I’m just guessing since there’s no documentation, but I assume “Default” means “use the system theme,” which on most Android devices is not even configurable. But presumably this will switch themes if that option is available. Perhaps it will even automatically switch for nighttime reading in the future, though that feature is not available currently.

Anyway. It’s looking good.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Microsoft Edge Picks Up a Dark Theme on Mobile”

  1. JimP

    What about Windows Mobile?

  2. Brazbit

    If it actually had the ability to override the default background color on web pages, this would be excellent. As it is, it is simply a nice touch. It at least makes the UI elements and menus much easier on the eyes.

  3. davidblouin

    Good news for the 12 person who can download it.

  4. maethorechannen

    Which is very much not the case on Windows 10: There, Microsoft Edge is integrated into the OS

    Google seem to be able to manage this on Android, where the OS provided web view shares a common code heritage with Chrome (and even Android Edge) but they're not dependant on one another. How hard can it be?

  5. Rcooper81

    I'm still trying to get Edge to sync my favorites and reading list between my PC and Android phone, like it's supposed to.

  6. SvenJ

    Would be nice if the iPad Edge was an iPad app. That's one thing that really doesn't benefit from the 1X/2X treatment.

  7. edboyhan

    I've always been hesitant about allowing browsers to store my credentials. Edge is the only browser I use on my desktops and laptops. Whenever Edge offers to save a password I refuse. I'm much more comfortable with Lastpass for credential storage and form filling.

    I've recently transitioned from Windows Phone to Android (Moto X4). I've been using Edge there, but I'm still wrestling how it works on Android as opposed to on W10. Lastpass on the Moto X4 will often pop up a dialog when trying to fill out a credential form on Edge, but it doesn't seem to do anything useful. The MX4 also give me the option to open with other browsers (just once or always -- I'm currently responding just once). The choices for me are Edge, Lastpass (as a browser), and Chrome. Lately, I've been choosing Lastpass, and the credential and form filling is just what I want.

    I wasn't aware that the Edge cadence on mobile was faster. In the 3 weeks that I've had the MX4, I've not noticed any updates, but then I'm not sure how I'd even know that an update was available.

    Out of the box (and with some apps I've installed), I have over 40 apps installed, and I'm not sure what half of them do. There seems to be a Google group of apps (which I have little interest in), an Amazon group (which I use -- especially hands-free Alexa), and a Motorola group (which I have no idea what they do -- guess I ought to read the manual :grin). I seem to have 3 assistants: Google's, Alexa, and something from Motorola; and maybe soon Cortana will be added to the busybody assistant bunch :-(.

    Do you recommend installing the Microsoft Launcher???

  8. Oasis

    Should be white text instead of Grey. Hard to read the grey on Black, IMHO....

  9. captobie

    I'd be much more enthusiastic about Edge on iOS if they optimized the app for the iPhone X screen. Next update, maybe?