Gmail Now Lets You Use Your Outlook Account on the iPhone

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, Mobile with 7 Comments

Google is bringing support for third-party email accounts to Gmail on iOS this week. The company released a new update for Gmail for iOS today, bringing support for third-party email services as well as the iPhone X’s display (via The Verge).

Gmail has been supporting third-party email services like Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, and iCloud for a long while on Android devices. The feature has been missing on the iOS app, preventing thousands of Gmail fans from using it as their primary email app. With today’s update, Gmail users can use their Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, Yahoo, or IMAP/POP3 accounts with the iOS app.

Google is also bringing Gmailify to the iPhone for Outlook (doesn’t support Office 365 yet, though) and Yahoo users. Gmailify effectively allows users to access some of the best features of Gmail accounts like spam protection, intelligent folder organization, and rich Google Now cards without having an actual @gmail account. Gmailify launched on Android more than a year ago, so it’s definitely nice to see Google finally bringing the feature to its iOS app.

For me, Outlook remains the best email app for iOS and Android. Ever since Microsoft acquired Acompli Mail in 2014, the Outlook Mobile apps have seen some impressive updates to make it one of the best email clients on Android and iOS. Microsoft’s bringing some of these goodies to the web with the new, as well as a revamped Outlook desktop for Windows and Mac — which means Outlook could soon be the best email client on all of your devices.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Gmail Now Lets You Use Your Outlook Account on the iPhone”

  1. timwakeling

    Google provides a UI for a Microsoft service on an Apple device ... what is this devilry? ;)

  2. skramer49

    Does Outlook for IOS coordinate with OneNote for IOS yet? Didn't think so. Still a non-starter for me.

  3. AnOldAmigaUser

    And the terms and conditions are the usual Googleyesque ones which allow them to index your mail for ad-words and collect all the metadata to add to the already large profile they have build on the user?

    I know that Google makes really good products, and that everyone is tracking users; but I just cannot get behind Google's business model. If they would just charge me for the products and scrap the data collection, I would use their products.

  4. Michael Rivers

    That only took 1,000 years. I'm used to the built-in iOS email app by now.

  5. dontbe evil

    this is a breaking news, google open something to other services

  6. kalin27

    Expand your knowledge and abilities.  Thank you for sharing! I believe there will be more people like me

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