Microsoft Now Has Another Custom Lock Screen App for Android

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Microsoft, Mobile with 15 Comments

Microsoft’s Garage lab just released yet another lock screen app for Android devices today. The company’s latest, Favorites Lock Screen, takes your interests in order to offer a “personalized” lockscreen experience. The app is primarily for Android users in India.

Favorites Lockscreen shows you the latest news about your favorites celebrities and interests, as well ass wallpapers related to your interests. The lock screen includes all the basic features, including the ability to access essential toggles like WiFi and Flash, as well as some of your most used apps.

Microsoft’s latest custom lock screen resembles some of its previous lock screen apps, including the Next and Picturesque lock screen apps. Instead of incorporating the features of its Favorites Lock Screen app into something like the Next Lock Screen which has a significantly larger user base and feature set, Microsoft decided to build a separate one in an effort to “empower employees to pursue innovation,” the company said in a blog post.

“Even though the Picturesque team already had a great lock screen app available in India, we wanted to try something different. “We wanted to build a lock screen focused on fandom, not just beautiful images. Our app allows people to craft a more personalized experience centered around their passions and interests,” stated one of the program managers of the Favorites Lock Screen team, clarifying the purpose of the company’s newest lock screen app.

It’s unlikely Favorites Lock Screen will be able to gain as much traction as Garage’s previous blockbusters like its Arrow Launcher (now Microsoft Launcher) and Next Lockscreen apps. But that’s really the point of Garage: letting engineers come up with new app ideas and seeeing what works. Some Garage apps have previously been killed shortly after launch, and I have a strong feeling Favorites Lock Screen will follow the same route, or possibly get abandoned a few months down the road.

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