HMD Acquires PureView Trademark from Microsoft

Posted on August 26, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 17 Comments

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Here’s some exciting news for fans of Nokia: HMD, which now creates Nokia-branded smartphones, has acquired the PureView trademark from Microsoft.

This change comes a year after HMD partnered with old Nokia partner ZEISS on imaging technology for its smartphones. So it appears that HMD is getting the Nokia imaging gang back together again. So to speak.

Nokia used its PureView brand on a variety of Windows phones, including the Lumia 930, 1020, 1520, and 930/Icon, though it debuted on the Nokia 808 PureView handset. The brand has always stood for camera quality, and Nokia’s PureView-based phones once provided the best overall camera experience in the smartphone market.

Those days, of course, are long past: Modern smartphones from Google, Apple, and Samsung provide far better picture quality than was possible when the Lumia brand was still a thing. But this trademark acquisition suggests that HMD at least wishes to play off nostalgia for PureView as a brand, much as it is already doing with the Nokia brand. And perhaps it has bigger plans than that.

I found out about this story from Neowin, which found out it about it from Nokiamob, which in turn found out about it from EUIPO.


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