Google Brings Enhanced Network Features to Project Fi

Posted on November 13, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Mobile, Android with 6 Comments

Google announced today that it is introducing enhanced networking functionality to its Project Fi wireless network. Among the changes are improvements to the Project Fi VPN and a faster, more seamless way to intelligently switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

“When you enable our enhanced network, all of your mobile and Wi-Fi traffic will be encrypted and securely sent through our virtual private network (VPN) on every network you connect to, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that others can’t see your online activity,” Google’s Dan Chak explains. “That includes Google—our VPN is designed so that your traffic isn’t tied to your Google account or phone number, just like mobile traffic that isn’t sent through the VPN.

The changes, which will appear in an app update later this week, include:

Always-on virtual private network (VPN). As Chak notes above, Project Fi customers will be able to enable the Project Fi VPN on all networks for security and privacy.

Seamless, faster connections. Project Fi already switches seamlessly between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. But this functionality is being updated so that you’ll have a seamless connection as you move from Wi-Fi coverage to cellular (and the reverse). “Waiting to be reconnected becomes a thing of the past,” Chak explains. “In our testing, we’ve reduced the time without a working connection by up to 40 percent.”


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Google Brings Enhanced Network Features to Project Fi”

  1. wosully

    I have been very happy with Project Find and have used it in a few countries with success. I'm glad to see this change, and glad Google is still improving the service.

  2. dcdevito

    3 days after I leave Fi for Straight Talk, and they start adding features. :)

  3. lvthunder

    I wonder what the VPN will do for geographical IP based restrictions like local blackouts from the sports apps (NHL, MLB, etc).

  4. robsanders247

    I’m not sure if connecting to a VPN hosted by Google is the best way to increase your privacy posture.

  5. pmeinl

    I would love to use always-on VPN. However in my experiments with this before the changes announced here (!) the battery drain was not tolerable. Hope Google found a way around this.