Preorder a Galaxy S10 Now, Save Up to $550 with Trade-In

Pulling yet another page from the Apple playbook, Samsung is offering big trade-in values for those who preorder a Galaxy S10 or S10+.

Perhaps more interesting is that the preorder page is even available, given that Samsung won’t formally launch these new handsets until later this month. But the Galaxy S10 and S10+ have been dogged by leaks since the beginning of the year. And it’s pretty clear that there are no real surprises left.

Samsung acknowledges this on its preorder page, noting that “we know you know what is coming soon,” which is a cute touch. And if you are already sure you want one of these new flagships, you can save big by preordering. Assuming, that is, you have a recent smartphone from Apple, Google, LG, or Motorola: Those with the most recent devices can get up to $550 on trade.

By preordering now, you can also guarantee shipment by March 8th, Samsung says. While supplies last. Plus, you’ll get a $50 credit towards accessories.

Samsung will formally announce the Galaxy S10 and S10+—and perhaps a third model, if the rumors are correct—on February 20.

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Conversation 2 comments

  • dlangdon01

    13 February, 2019 - 10:16 am

    <p>Don't see where they list the prices. Is it $550 off $1000, $2000, $3000?</p>

  • saiko

    13 February, 2019 - 8:04 pm

    <p>It doesn't appear to be a pre-order. It's a reservation for your spot in line to pre-order when it goes live. </p>


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