Grammarly Brings Synonyms to Mobile

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Mobile with 5 Comments

Grammarly announced today that its Grammarly mobile keyboard is being updated to support synonyms on the go.

“Writing on your phone often means typing fast, maybe while doing something else at the same time,” the firm notes. “But it doesn’t have to mean sloppy writing. You might already know that Grammarly’s mobile keyboard makes it easy to compose high-quality, mistake-free text even when you’re on the move. Today we’re enhancing the experience, introducing something new and fresh, and different, and distinctive, and notable. Synonyms are coming to the Grammarly Keyboard.”

The new feature will work as you might expect: As you type, the Grammarly mobile keyboard will offer synonyms for the currently-typed word just above the top row of virtual keys. You can also move the cursor around to see synonyms for previously-typed words.

“It’s a terrific (and convenient) way to diversify your vocabulary and possibly even discover new words,”
Grammarly explains. “After all, sometimes a few well-chosen words can transform a bland message into an exciting one.”

To enable Grammarly’s new mobile synonyms feature, open the Grammarly companion app on your phone and navigate to Settings > Synonyms.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Grammarly Brings Synonyms to Mobile”

  1. bart

    Go on Swiftkey, run with this idea :)

  2. Chris_Kez

    The apparent problem with this thesaurus-like feature is that it doesn't actually explain to people what distinguishes one synonym from another. True, a few well-chosen words can transform a message, but shoe-horning in a bunch of "almost right" words isn't the answer.

  3. rmlounsbury

    I may have to give Grammarly a try again. I've been on SwiftKey for a little while but for all it's adaptive logic I still miss a couple keys pretty frequently and it is maddening.

  4. Rycott

    Does this do swipe input yet? I can't use a keyboard on a phone if it doesn't.

  5. jazzpackages

    Jazz Weekly Internet Packages Grammarly mobile keyboard is one of the best keyboard i love it...