Samsung to Launch New Galaxy Flagships on February 11

Posted on January 4, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 7 Comments

A leaked Samsung promotional video shows that the smartphone giant will launch new Galaxy flagships in early February.

The next Samsung Unpacked event, as these things are called, occurs February 11, 2020, and it will be streamed live on, the video says. Given the timing, this is almost certainly the next family of Galaxy S-series handsets, which would typically be branded as S11, though some rumors suggest Samsung might use the name S20 instead, for some reason.

That said, XDA Developers believes that the promotional video, which includes vague rectangular and diamond shapes, indicates that Samsung could be unveiling a rumored clamshell-style Galaxy Fold handset as well.

Either way, Samsung likes to announce its flagship smartphones at its own events. And this Unpacked event, like that for the Galaxy S10 series, is scheduled for before MWC (formerly Mobile World Congress). MWC 2020 starts on February 24.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Samsung to Launch New Galaxy Flagships on February 11”

  1. mmcpher

    I've seen plenty of stories about the clamshell foldable and a lot about the pending S11 series, but not much about either a projected launch of a Fold 2 or a reassessment of the Fold 1. Sure, the briefest recounting of the abortive initial Fold launch but little real analysis of the relaunch. I wonder how they're holding up and how many sold? In 5 years time will all the I-told-you-so's still be snarking or will the Fold be seen as the leading wedge for the next advances?

    • Dryloch

      In reply to mmcpher:

      I have seen updates from a few Youtubers like Flossy Carter and there Folds appear to be holding up so far. That said we probably need to get to at least three years out to know for sure.

  2. zeratul456

    So are we getting anything exciting this time around or "bigger screen, faster processor" like almost always?

  3. johnh3

    Will probably look at the event. The only things that I am little worried are that rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S11e will be a big phone. Not a compact device like S10e.

    Samsung need a compact phone with high specs.

    • wright_is

      In reply to johnh3:

      Yes, my wife's current phone is a 5.6" one. Its direct replacement has a 6.4" screen! My phone has a 5.9" screen and she won't use that, because it is too big... I'm struggling to find a decent replacement with a similar sized screen.

  4. nordyj

    So... possibly the Galaxy equivalent of the Razor? Interesting. Looking forward to seeing the reveal.