OnePlus Introduces Optimized Charging

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 9 Comments

Following in the footsteps of the leading smartphone makers, OnePlus today introduced a new feature called Optimized Charging.

“Recently, we have been working on a new feature named Optimized Charging, which is designed to defer the battery drain rate optimally without affecting the user experience,” the firm wrote in a forum post describing the optional new feature. “OnePlus has always paid great attention to user’s charging experience and battery health.”

With Optimal Charging enabled, your OnePlus handset will charge to 80 percent and then stop charging temporarily. Then, it will begin charging again 100 minutes before your daily wakeup time, based on its “user sleep cycle detection” functionality (which gets better over time), first alarm, or first event. If you want your phone to charge to 100 percent immediately, you can disable Optimized Charging by tapping a “Continue Charging” button in the drop-down notification for the Battery icon in the status bar.

OnePlus says that it will improve Optimal Charging over time to accommodate unconventional sleep times, such as when users stay up late on weekends, changing time zones, and other irregularities.

To enable this new feature, open Settings and navigate to Battery > Turn on Optimized Charging. It’s not clear which OnePlus handsets will even offer this feature, sorry.

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