Uber Introduces New Features to Make Pickups Less Stressful

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Mobile with 0 Comments

Uber pickups can be really stressful in crowded areas like airports, and the entire experience is even scarier when you don’t speak the local language of a city you are in.

Uber is introducing a couple of new features and changes to its mobile app to help tackle this problem, with an aim to make pickups less stressful.

The company is introducing a new ticker for when you request a new ride. This ticker will give you all the essential information without all the stress. Uber says the previous design for the app was too cluttered, leading to sensory overload. The new design introduces a simple ticker that uses color codes and iconography to highlight important information.

It will also highlight important details like when there’s heavy traffic on the way, when the driver is nearby and were you should meet the driver (with directions to the meetup point, where available), etc. Uber goes into a lot of detail about the design of this new experience with Fast Company, so I would suggest checking that out if you are interested in the design side of things.

Apart from the new ticker, Uber is also making it possible to translate messages from drivers in-app. That means when you don’t speak the language as the driver, you will get an option to translate the messages from the driver within the app, via Google Translate. The driver can also translate messages from riders into their own language. And as you can understand, this will be incredibly useful when you are travelling abroad.

Uber says the company is going to be rolling these changes out to all users around the world in the coming days.

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