Yahoo Launches New Unlimited Phone Service Powered by Verizon’s Network

Posted on March 11, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Mobile with 11 Comments

Remember Yahoo? Well, it’s back, kind of. Verizon is today launching a new unlimited phone service called Yahoo Mobile in the United States.

The company’s new unlimited phone plan is powered by Verizon’s network and costs $39.99 a month. Verizon has been trying to make money off of Yahoo for a while ever since the company acquired Yahoo back in 2018 for $4.48 billion.

Yahoo Mobile offers unlimited text, talk, and data. It will also offer unlimited mobile hotspot for one connected device at a time. And there are obviously limitations — mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps, and Yahoo may also throttle speeds at times. It only supports Verizon’s 4G LTE network by the way, so you won’t get 5G just yet.

“Yahoo’s first-ever unlimited phone service will combine the power of its trusted brand and content with Verizon’s superior network to create the best in content and connectivity,” Verizon said, announcing the new service. If the unlimited phone plan wasn’t enough, you will also get — wait for it– Yahoo’s ad-free Mail Pro service for free. Hooray. The service will also get you access to Account Pro for “24/7 Yahoo account customer service”.

Yahoo Mobile is just Verizon trying to diversify its services in an attempt to see what works with the market. The company did something similar with its Visible service, for example.  Either way, if you are interested in a phone plan from Yahoo, you can check out Yahoo Mobile here.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Yahoo Launches New Unlimited Phone Service Powered by Verizon’s Network”

  1. yoshi

    This would have paired well with a Fire Phone.

  2. faustxd9

    I would try it but the one thing it is missing is relatively cheap international access for the occasion where I do have to leave the country. I wish one of the MVNOs would at least offer some Google FI like competition using either AT&T or Verizon in the states. I find the Tmobile coverage to be somewhat lacking.

    Oh and their FAQ says something to the affect of: Get a local SIM :(

  3. jchampeau

    I think I'll keep holding out for an AOL phone plan myself.

  4. webdev511

    Product in search of a market. Bring back KIN!

  5. hellcatm

    So they have Visible phone service and now Yahoo Mobile? I didn't really take a good look at the sites to see what the differences are.

  6. red.radar

    I just got to say it. I just don’t trust Yahoo after all the data breaches and other mismanagement. It’s a dead brand as far as I am concerned.

  7. BigM72

    Does Yahoo have any service of interest?

    Perhaps they could reform Flickr into a Google Photos competitor and give you unlimited picture upload at original quality?

    Keep a public side to it too that could be used as a kind of Behance/Instagram type photo showcase thing.

    Bundling that in could be of interest.

  8. roho

    I've been using Yahoo for at least 20 years without a glich. I don't understand the hate. I'm so used to it I can't stand outlook or gmail.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Not sure about hate, but this is one instance in which epic disrespect is deserved and understandable.