Google’s Pixel 4a Arrives August 20th for $349

Posted on August 3, 2020 by Brad Sams in Android, Mobile with 16 Comments

The wait is finally over, Google has finally announced the Pixel 4a. But the company is also announcing two other phones including the Pixel 5 and the 4A 5G.

Starting with the low end, the Pixel 4A starts at $349.99 and looks to be a good value at the lower end of the spectrum. With a 5.81in OLED display at 443 PPI and a Snapdragon 730G behind the glass, that should have enough power to keep you satisfied for most tasks. The device also has a 3140 mAh battery with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

On the back of the device, you will find a 12.2-megapixel camera that is capable of recording 1080P video at up to 120FPS and 720P video at 240FPS. If you want 4k video recording, that option is there too but only at 30FPS.

Other features include a headphone jack, USB-C charging (wireless charging is not available) and support for 4G connectivity.

If you want a 5G version of the device, that phone is coming a bit later and will cost an additional $150 for the pleasure of faster downloads. There is also a new Pixel 5G phone that is coming later too but we don’t know the specs or features of that device yet.

On paper, the 4a looks like a solid value in a good looking package. Of course, how it performs in your hand and the photos it takes are the big unknown at this time. But at sub $400, the 4a will likely fit the budgets of quite a few folks looking for new phones this year.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Google’s Pixel 4a Arrives August 20th for $349”

  1. simont

    Paul - will you be buying testing either this version of the 5G version? Or have you decided to give up on the Pixel line?

  2. kevineddy

    I've just pre-ordered a 4a to replace my original Pixel, since the battery life on the old one is decreasing. The price point and camera with 128GB storage is a compelling combination for me. I'd have been tempted had there been an XL version, but this screen is still bigger than what I have now.

  3. ponsaelius

    The Pixel 4a has arrived so late Google discounted the price before it was released. Sale price on launch.

  4. cavalier_eternal

    Nothing wrong with the phone but why? From a business standpoint Google is still largely based on revenue. They have had success with Android market share but they honestly seem kinda bored with the whole thing. Why bother making a phone if you aren’t all in?

  5. JH_Radio

    Paul can't get 5G in PA. Nor can I for that matter, so i'm not sure what good it'd do to test that version. And he's more out in the sticks than I am by far. It'll probably take a while for 5G to get to his neck of the woods.

  6. lilmoe

    This looks superior to the 4 in all specs but the SoC and maybe the type of storage. Makes you wonder what they were thinking pricing the 4 as a flagship. It should never have been priced above 600 with those specs.

  7. luthair

    Note the lack of 5 XL in the announcements, not great for those of us with large hands.

    MKHD found the 4a takes good photos but the performance of the 730 was a disappointing.

  8. rmlounsbury

    On the surface the Pixel 4a looks like a solid mid-tier contender. If the 4a can provide the same overall performance that the 3a did (and with more RAM and a solid 700 series Snapdragon processor) then this seems like an excellent device for the price. Ultimately when you buy a Pixel you are doing it for either a.) Googles pure interpretation of Android and b.) Google's software that renders amazing photos even with the single lens. If that is your primary use case this phone will probably be great. Nothing else is capable of doing what Google does with Pixel photography.

    Google also makes a compelling case against its primary competition which is going to be the iPhone SE. You get a bigger screen (far less bezel to boot), bigger battery, and more storage than the base SE (you have to add $100 to the iPhone SE to get to the same storage their as the 4a entry price). The Pixel 4a will easily outperform the iPhone SE when it comes to photography. The biggest trade off here, of course, is processor. The iPhone SE has the top chip Apple makes for phones where as the Pixel 4a as a middle of the road chip.

    Really, my only concern with the Pixel 4a is going to be how well it ages with the SD720 at the core. The Pixel 3a seems to have aged decently well. I wouldn't plan on keeping a Pixel 4a more than 18-24 months. Of course, at $350 even if you upgraded every year it would still take nearly 3 years to equal the entry price of one flagship phone these days.

    I'm curious... At the moment I live in the Apple world but I might consider buying a 4a just to have an Android device on hand that is pure Google Android.

  9. Daninbusiness

    This seems like a lot of bang for the buck; I am glad that it is not stuck with only 64gb storage.

    My current phone is pretty healthy though, but if it suddenly breaks or if i need a spare for some reason, then this looks to be a contender.

  10. solomonrex

    Probably their best phone from a design angle, and with a fingerprint reader, will avoid the last debacle. The price is certainly a fresh breath in this market, too.

  11. sherlockholmes

    A little too late for me. I just made the switch to an IPhone XR.

  12. Thretosix

    The Pixel #a concept is great in a time where $1,000+ phones that are supported for 2 years and devalue so fast. They are quality budget phones that are supported for several years. They also carry this feature called battery life because they didn't dump everything in to a bunch of features some people don't care about. I commend Google for making these phones. I personally have the Pixel 3a and love it, didn't pay much at all for it in comparison, especially if you bought one on sale. I expect the 4a to follow suit. The 3a should hold me over until a 5a or 6a if they continue this line of smartphones.

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