Gazelle is Ending Device Trade-In Service

Posted on December 31, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile with 5 Comments

Gazelle revealed to customers this week that starting in about a month, it will no longer allow them to trade-in their devices via the mail.

“Beginning February 1st, 2021, we will no longer be offering our trade-in option on Gazelle,” an email to Gazelle’s customers explains. “If you have a trade-in that is in process right now, your trade-in will continue as planned.”

Gazelle will continue selling used smartphones and other devices via its website, which begs the question of where they’re getting the inventory if they’re no longer accepting trade-ins. Gazelle’s parent company, called ecoATM, offers over 4,000 kiosks in malls and other locations that let you trade-in devices in person and be paid immediately.

There’s been a lot of speculation about why Gazelle is ending this service, with some believing that it’s somehow tied to there being fewer people selling used devices because of the pandemic. That doesn’t make sense to me, however. My guess is that mail-in device trade-ins are expensive, error-prone, and can even involve fraud and stolen devices. And that ecoATM/Gazelle is simply protecting itself from that.

Those interested in trading in devices via mail will continue to have other options, too, of course. Amazon is probably the highest-profile company to offer such a program. (Though, of course, you get an Amazon gift card, and not cash.)

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Gazelle is Ending Device Trade-In Service”

  1. yoshi

    I've used Gazelle a lot in the past, but the past couple of times I've sold old electronics I've used Decluttr. I found they offered more than Gazelle did. Pretty much the same experience and they were fast with payment.

    • jgraebner

      In reply to yoshi:

      Yeah, same here. I used Gazelle a number of times before, but Decluttr has made better offers recently. I also found that Gazelle is much more limited on what devices they will accept.

  2. JH_Radio

    You can sell to declutter, but you can't buy stuff from there, to my knowledge.

  3. gartenspartan is another good one. Saw it featured on CNET and started using it over a year ago. Never had any issues selling them over a dozen items and they provided fairer offers than gazelle.

  4. crunchyfrog

    Honestly, I had forgotten all about them. Many companies now direct offer trade ins that seem fair or I sell on eBay.