Samsung is Having an October Event Too

Posted on October 13, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Hardware, Mobile with 8 Comments

Intent on always copying Apple, Samsung revealed last night that it, too, will hold an event in late October. But this one is a bit mysterious.

“Our users are multifaceted and live life in so many colorful, interesting, and unique ways,” the Samsung announcement notes vaguely. “As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality.”

And yeah. That’s about all the hints we get.

In past years, Samsung launched new S-series flagships in February and then Note phablets in August, but more recently its strategy has shifted as its introduced folding smartphones. But Samsung has already announced its latest foldables. And it’s unclear whether an S-series refresh—the delayed and perhaps canceled Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) handset—is even necessary, let alone warrants its own event. So what could it be? Software and services? A new version of OneUI based on Android 12? Smartwatches? I don’t know.

But we’ll find out at the awkwardly named Galaxy Unpacked Part 2, a virtual event that is being held on Wednesday, October 20 at 10 am ET. That’s going to be a big week: Apple’s Unleashed event happens that Monday and Google’s Pixel 6 launch is scheduled for that Tuesday.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Samsung is Having an October Event Too”

  1. wolters

    I guessing The Tab S8 for sure and not expecting the S22 though it would be interesting if it did release early. The camera on the S21 has been the best I've used on a Samsung and excited to see if they continue to make it better.

    • cnc123

      It sucks that they've stopped shipping OLED screens for the 10-11" tablets. Holding on to my Tab S6 until it's no longer supported.

  2. jgraebner

    I strongly suspect that all three of these events should really just be done via press releases. Having an "event" for every iterative hardware or software release is getting rather ridiculous.

    • toukale

      You are not wrong, except no one has to travel to attend these events now. Because of that, companies feel they can do that as a result. If you are not interested just don't "tune-in."

  3. ebraiter

    A12 is coming very close to be released but why would Samsung do that for Google's OS?

  4. peterepete

    Samsung has richly earned its reputation as a “fast follower” even when they’re first to market. They throw whatever against the wall & see what sticks. And quite often it’s junk. But I kinda admire them for the willingness to fail so often so publicly.

    They’re my first choice for TVs or appliances. Nothing else.

  5. brettscoast

    very mysterious little detail could be launching a new S series flagship otherwise nothing to see here