Poised, Powerful, … Pixel? (Premium)


There’s often a curious disconnect between my understanding of Google and the way it presents itself to the public. And so it is with Pixel: I’ve owned almost every Pixel handset model ever made, and I have certainly had my share of issues with many of them. And yet the Pixel portion of this past week’s Google I/O keynote had an almost triumphant air to it, with Google showing a future in which Pixel not just co-exists but excels. Is this really happening?

OK, we can’t really answer that question until the Pixel-branded products that Google just announced appear in the real world. And that won’t even start until July or August, and some of the devices it announced, like the Pixel Tablet, won’t ship until next year. But it’s still worth discussing how Pixel has matured, I think, and whether the expanded product lineup---and the growing ecosystem of products and services that complement them---can be successful.

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